Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another birthday party!!!

You'll have to forgive me as I move through the archives in an effort to fully get the blog back on track...some stuff may be out of order, but in the next week or so, I hope to have things right where I want them to be.

And what better way than to start off with a party!

Yep...I was invited to my second big group birthday party with all my friends, and this time we went to Gymboree! It was a little crazier, because I think there were more people at this one...but in general, it was lots of fun! I got to see a lot of my friends outside the confines of Daycare, and got to play with lots of stuff!

We did a lot of group activities, including some fun songs that I got to accompany the music with on the maracas! And once again, I battled against one of my greatest fears and played with the parachute. This time around, I got right in there and shook the parachute with all the other kids! As I've gottne more comfortable with it, I have found that it's a lot of fun, and only as scary as I make it, since I'm one of the ones shaking it, you know? Truly a blast!

In addition to the organized games, there was a lot of freeplay time, and I used it to climb through some tunnels, play with the plethora (Yes...I said plethora) of balls they had, and of course to make great use of their climbing sets!

Once I made it to the top, I got to climb all around, and get a really good look at the event, and I must say, not only was it well-attended, but it certainly seemed like everyone was really enjoying themselves. Mom and Dad were having a lot of fun chasing me around, and I was having a blast interacting with my friends.

As the party wound down, we ended it as we always end it...with some pretty awesome cupcakes! Recently, Mom mentioned a party they were having, and I immediately inquired as to the availability of cupcakes. I mean, any party I've ever been to (Well...any GOOD party) has featured cake in either cup or regular cake form.

I DO like these parties...I can't wait until I get older, and they start showing up more often. And if there's anything that Mom and Dad can attest that you can never be too old for cupcakes. :-)

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