Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello all!

Happy Spring to you! As you can tell by the absence of posts, Dad is once again participating in ScriptFrenzy, where he has to write a screenplay in 30 days during April...He has, as expected, been hogging the computer, making it quite difficult to get in here and fill you guys in on new things...

Now, just because I've been quiet, doesn't mean that I have not been busy!

Coming up the next couple weeks, I'll fill you guys in on a couple trips to Connecticut I took, a visit from Gramma Mindy, my first visit to the famous Cherry Blossoms of Washington, DC, and my first trip to Philadelphia!

Until then, I thought it was worth interrupting Dad's scripting to let you all know that I have transitioned to the toddler room at my daycare! My first graduation!!


On a side note...how adorable was my outfit for my first day in the new room!?! Nice work, Mom!!

Now, I will miss my caregivers in the Puddins and Pies room...Ingrid, Sandra, and everyone else helped me grow into the person I am...they took such good care of me, and really helped me get to where I am in my development. Mom, Dad and I are so thankful to them...

I even filled out a card to give them (With a little bit of Dad's help) to say thanks...

I had a hard time coming up with something poignant, yet whimsical, to say....so it took me awhile to get past my writer's block...but once it did, it just flowed like colored lines on paper...

My new room is very exciting...the group I'm in is called The Dumplings! I was supposed to start the transition yesterday, but I stayed home because I didn't feel well...so I only had today and tomorrow to get used to the new digs.

Originally they said that I was supposed to spend the morning in my new room, and then go back to my old room for the afternoon...but I did so well, they kept me in my new room all day, and want me to go straight to my new room tomorrow!

Like I said, I'll miss the old place, but I was excited to see some of my old friends that had already moved up, and play with some new toys!

I took my nap when I was supposed to (We got these awesome little cots of our very own, and the caregivers rubbed our backs to help us go to sleep...defying all odds, I stayed on my cot, and loved every minute of it!) had some great snacks that daycare provided (Cantaloupe, cottage cheese, and rice cakes) and shared some toys with two of my new friends there...

All in all, it was a great experience, and I was so happy it went well...obviously I was a bit nervous, but I think I handled it pretty well. Go me!

Keep an eye on the blog, people...Dad is almost done with this script of his, and then I'm back on the case!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A different kind of food....

I have a confession to make....

While I was at Gramma's, I tried some cat food.

Yeah, while everyone was playing, I managed to sneak away and tuck a bit of Layla's cat food into my mouth and give it a chew.

I had been eyeing that food since I'd gotten there, and wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Layla liked it, Norma liked it...heck, every cat I'd ever met seemed to like it, and I was curious...

So while everyone was chasing me around, I ducked around the corner into Layla's room, saw my chance, and took it!

I reached in the bowl, grabbed a single coveted piece of cat food, and started chewing away...

Now, I must've been a bit overzealous with my chewing, because Dad caught me right away and removed the food, much to my chagrin...

I enjoyed it, though I felt like all the flavors were slightly muted versions of ones I was used to...I detected chicken in there, and I did more sucking than I did crunching, but this food at least was pretty crunchy...all in all, an interesting, if not somewhat unsatisfying experience, seeing as how I had hyped it up so much...

I was annoyed that Dad got the food away from me, but I remain undaunted...I will get more cat food...and maybe someday even dog food.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am an awesome tax deduction...

Don't forget to file your taxes, folks...and milk those deductions...my parents sure do.

Yeah, they only get back a fraction of what they spend on me, but as my parents say:

A) I'm worth it. :-) I'm not just being immodest...I have actually heard them say this.


B) Any year they don't owe, they feel like they've won....I have also actually heard them say this too.

The best thing was that I conveniently showed up a few days before the end of 2008....so they managed to claim me for tax year 2008, even though I had barely cost them anything at that point.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, of course, I'm behind on posts...and this one should have gotten posted weeks ago, but I figured that since Gramma Mindy is currently visiting, it would be a good time to catch up on my LAST visit to the Grandparents...

Yes...before even the New York City trip...I went to Connecticut to visit with the fam...while this was primarily a "Dad's Side of the Family" trip, I was pleasantly surprised to get to see Gramma Mindy as well! She stopped by to pick up some of the clothes I had rapidly grown out of, and to have to dinner. (And to maaaayyyybe see me...)

I have also renamed this series of trips "Toddler Tour" since I am not quite a baby anymore...I am growing up faster than even I realized...I am trying to appreciate each stage as much as I can, as are my parents...and my infant/baby year is behind me...

Onward to Toddling!

For this trip, I spent a great deal of the time showing off my newfound walking/running skills...

Gramma chased me around a lot! I would run into the kitchen, where she was working on dinner, and laugh at her so she would turn around and chase me! And she always did!

I kept her running around so much! I got so excited that I even took a couple headers into the carpet....Dad caught this great action shot of me heading down...even in my flame-outs, I am still super-happy!

I really tired Gramma out with all the running around! She now knows how I helped my parents in their quest to lose weight (In Mom's case, it was only fair, since I helped her gain weight when she was pregnant with me...I'm also being told that I am to blame for my Dad's "Sympathy Weight Gain")

Yeah...whatever Dad...

Anyway...Gramma wasn't the only one that was tuckered out...since there was a big discussion about "Lovies" and Security blankets, Gramma brought out my Auntie Steph's blankie (Or what was left of it) to show everyone. I promptly laid down, and cuddled up with it....it was still so soft.

Yeah...that's a character from Rainbow Bright...and yeah, it's covering up a HUGE hole...that was one lovie that really was lovied.

After a little bit of rest, I got put into the highchair to get a little grub on (As Dad likes to pretend he's cool enough to say)

I got a little upset at first, so I was attacked by a group of well-meaning, but gigantic stuffed animals...obviously, I enjoyed myself quite a bit...

Yeah....I'm in there somewhere...

I had my own little cup that I did a pretty decent job drinking out of...

...and Special Guest Feeder Auntie Steph did the honors in giving me a hand getting some food into me....I got to try a little bit of some kids Chef-Boy-Ardee....not bad, I must say!

You can also see Auntie Steph's "baby bump" in this picture a little...she has a little one on the way as well (A little girl) It will be my first cousin...and I am looking very forward to mentoring this young lady as she ventures forth into the world. Stick with me, kid...and you'll have no problems.

We also had a visit from another Aunt in the form of Aunt Amy swinging by....she even got me a little present (A blue stuffed elephant which has earned a place in my room...) Really, I just love getting to open a present...tearing that paper off is such bliss...Really, it's at least half the fun...

Speaking of gifts, Gramma also bestowed upon me the stuffed bear that went along with the lovie she had gotten me a few weeks before. (She mailed me the lovie, since she knew I was in dire need, using everything from blankets to dishtowels as a substitute) The bear matched both the pattern, color and the softness of the lovie...I love it.

The weekend was, as always, too brief, but a LOT of fun...I finished it off with a visit to Juliet the bird, who while loud and crazy the whole time, got mysteriously quiet when I got too close....she's a little scary. I'm gonna have to get used to her a bit more...Gramma held me while I talked to the bird, and she was good about letting me get close enough to see her, but keeping me a safe distance away...

The trip back to DC ranked as one of Dad (and therefore MY) worst...it was super long due to horrendous traffic, and driving rain...and a 5 or 6 hour trip quickly became close to 9...it was hard for the both of us, but we both rallied...Dad thanked me countless times for how good I was being in the face of a pretty frustrating car ride...trips to the rest area were hard because of the rain and the sheer volume of people, but I did my best. I read a lot of books (some of them several times) I played with toys, I slept, I drank milk...and sooner or later we made it...it was a toughie, but we both supported each other and made it happen!

Until next time...the tour continues...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My socks...

Well...this weekend, I'm off to Connecticut for a few days! Mom has a bridal shower to go to (My second cousin Beth...I think that's how it works...I don't really get how the first, second, and "removed" stuff works...only that I shouldn't date a first cousin...) I get to see both Gramma's, and maybe some Uncles....I'm pretty excited. I think Auntie Steph is working, so I'll miss her on this trip...

To tide you over, here's an older post I never got around to making...it regards my socks.

Now, over the months, a boy has many toys, many books, many things to entertain, enrich, and distract him while he's hanging out, or traveling...

But none have been so good to me, and so ripe with entertainment, than my socks.

Socks are there to keep your feet warm, and dry....yeah, but c'mon....how much fun are these things?!

And they're always around! No matter what toys Mom and Dad bring along, (or forget to bring along,) I ALWAYS have socks on!

I have used them in the car to entertain me for HOURS....Mom and Dad would always be amused at how quickly I pulled them off, and began playing with them. And they were so multi-faceted! I could nuzzle them, because they were so soft...or suck on them, or wave them around in a show of victory once I got them off. They were just TOO much fun.

I'd play with them in my high chair while I was waiting for my dinner...

And as you can see, I was always VERY amused when I finally pulled them off!

Heck, I would even play with them when I was getting my diaper changed! I mean, you gotta have something to do when you're just laying there with your business all dangling around for the whole world to see!

As you can tell, these are older pictures since my room isn't painted, and my hair is kind of shaggy...but I figured that between my traveling, and Dad writing yet another screenplay during the month of April, you guys wouldn't mind me digging into the archives a little bit...I didn't want you guys missing me TOO much. :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A NYC Addendum

So, I forgot to mention in my New York City blog post last week, that the hotel room had, by far, the COOLEST feature EVER...

Sam-Height Windows.

Now, Mom and Dad are always joking around about things that are "Angela-Sized" and at "Angela-Height" since Mom is not the tallest of Moms....and there are obviously things even lower that are "Sam-Height"

Well, I LOVE looking windows at the world around me....(if you read the blog, you know this) there's just something about being able to see the world that way, from way up above that really gets me all excited. Something about looking out onto the world and seeing the big picture that way makes everything come into focus a little bit better, you know?

(And also, people are usually much smaller-looking, giving me the easy advantage for a change)

Usually, Mom or Dad (Or some other kind soul) has to hold me up so I can see out the window...but not in THIS hotel...you could just stand there, and look down out onto Manhattan! It was SUCH a beautiful view! It was a gorgeous day out, so you could see for miles. We were right across from the office building of "The New Yorker" which got Dad all excited.

Me? I was excited that the people below me were so darn small, and that no one had to hold me up to see them!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello Everyone! Happy Easter to you all!!

Sorry I didn't get to see you all this year, but know that we were all thinking of you, and missed you greatly!

Today Mom and I celebrated Easter Mass, (Dad couldn't, because he had to work) during which I had a spectacular tantrum...she even brought along books and stuff to entertain me, but I wasn't having it...I just wasn't interested. So I had one of my new patented toddler rants...I just wasn't in the mood to be quiet, and I guess you're supposed to be quiet at mass...ergo, I didn't want to be at mass.

Later on, when Dad got home from work, Mom showed me the Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had brought along during the night.

I was told that more information about this nighttime visitor (who has somehow obtained permission to blatantly trespass and leave candy and treats around our apartment) is forthcoming.

The flowers are from Dad...he got them to pretty up the apartment, since Easter is one of Mom's favorite holidays, and we couldn't get home to our Connecticut family because Mom and Dad had prior commitments in Washington, DC. Mom really enjoyed the flowers, and they smelled very pretty.Even though I was concerned about the Easter Bunny and his suspicious visit, Mom and Dad told me that within the Easter baskets was candy for me, too!

Now, I have never had candy before, and we figured that this was as good a time as any to give it a shot. Above is me trying out jelly beans for the first time. Obviously I was leery of the new taste, but as I really got used to it, I enjoyed them, and really liked the sweet taste...the only one I didn't like was the lemon one...I mean, why would someone do that to themselves?

It was a cool texture, and I liked chewing it, except for when the jelly beans got stuck in my teeth. Dad laughed at me when I tried to get it out.

Next up was some Cadbury Eggs (Not the cream eggs, but the ones with the hard shell) the chocolate was delicious, and the contrast between the crunchy shell and the soft milk chocolate inside was just wonderful.

For all the nervous nellies out there, Mom and Dad broke the candy and jelly beans into smaller pieces so I wouldn't choke.

As the time wore on, the sugar took its desired effect and I felt like I could rule the world! I was running around with renewed vigor, wrestling with Dad, and chasing Mom around with my balloon (GOD, I LOVE saying the word "balloon"...I mean, it just rolls off the lips...balloon...balla balla balla balloooooon! Balloon! Right? Am I right? YEAH, I'm right!)

Hm...maybe I should cut down on the sugar a bit...

Weeeeeelllll...maybe just one more jellybean...