Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another birthday party!!!

You'll have to forgive me as I move through the archives in an effort to fully get the blog back on track...some stuff may be out of order, but in the next week or so, I hope to have things right where I want them to be.

And what better way than to start off with a party!

Yep...I was invited to my second big group birthday party with all my friends, and this time we went to Gymboree! It was a little crazier, because I think there were more people at this one...but in general, it was lots of fun! I got to see a lot of my friends outside the confines of Daycare, and got to play with lots of stuff!

We did a lot of group activities, including some fun songs that I got to accompany the music with on the maracas! And once again, I battled against one of my greatest fears and played with the parachute. This time around, I got right in there and shook the parachute with all the other kids! As I've gottne more comfortable with it, I have found that it's a lot of fun, and only as scary as I make it, since I'm one of the ones shaking it, you know? Truly a blast!

In addition to the organized games, there was a lot of freeplay time, and I used it to climb through some tunnels, play with the plethora (Yes...I said plethora) of balls they had, and of course to make great use of their climbing sets!

Once I made it to the top, I got to climb all around, and get a really good look at the event, and I must say, not only was it well-attended, but it certainly seemed like everyone was really enjoying themselves. Mom and Dad were having a lot of fun chasing me around, and I was having a blast interacting with my friends.

As the party wound down, we ended it as we always end it...with some pretty awesome cupcakes! Recently, Mom mentioned a party they were having, and I immediately inquired as to the availability of cupcakes. I mean, any party I've ever been to (Well...any GOOD party) has featured cake in either cup or regular cake form.

I DO like these parties...I can't wait until I get older, and they start showing up more often. And if there's anything that Mom and Dad can attest that you can never be too old for cupcakes. :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So yeah. I suppose one of the words you can use to describe my blogging as of late is...lax.

I'm sorry about that. Things have been busy (of course) and before you know's been a month, and there has been no postings.

Things certainly have been happening...Gramma Mindy came to visit again, daycare has been a blast, I'm heading to Pennsylvania today to visit some of my Dad's side of the family, then I'll be heading to New York City again in a couple weeks, and yes...I pooped in the potty, in addition to peeing in the potty (Which was reported on last month)

I am talking up a storm, and am constantly learning new things to say...I have tried to tone down the bossiness, but let's face it...that's not going away any time soon...

Eating has gotten to be a bit difficult, as I have gotten a bit difficult about eating...there's no specific reason, necessarily, only that I am two...and I may as well get use that excuse while I can.

My goal is to hopefully post a few times a week, even if there is no epic event like a family visit or road trip...I know that some people out there still read this, and I want to be able to keep you informed...I know that life may seem pretty pedestrian to me at times, but that doesn't mean that everyone thinks that.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for hanging in during my lulls...keep an eye out for more posts...I promise this time I'll keep up. :-)