Saturday, July 28, 2012

My second trip to the dentist.

Dad took me for my second visit with the dentist. It was actually kind of fun!

I have to say, knowing how the process works from my first visit, I was a bit more relaxed this time...

 I actually sat in the chair by myself while the hygienist scraped the (very little bit of) plaque off of my teeth. She said they looked good, and that I have been brushing very well...
 Well, when I say I sat by myself, I actually meant that I sat without Daddy this time....I DID, however, bring Little Bear with me...he was a nice companion to have. I watched some SpongeBob Squarepants on the TV while they cleaned my was a funny episode!
Some of the cleaning actually tickled a little! Especially the part where they used the polisher on my teeth...after they polished them up all nice, they used a sprayer in my mouth to wash my teeth (which was hilarious) and then a hose that sucked it all out...which was a weird feeling, but kind of cool...

As I did last time, I got to pick a small toy out of the toy chest, and this time came away with a small toy boat that I can use in the tub! Hooray for the dentist...

I am told I have to do this every six months...what is up with that?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Second Playdate!

We had so much fun on our first playdate with Skyler and her parents, that we went on another on the next month! (You can tell that it was back during the spring, since we are all wearing, I can't believe I fell so far behind! Typical Sam...)

This time we went out to eat at a restaurant was a cool little bagel place near us...

We followed this with a trip to one of my favorite playgrounds. It's the one that is situated alongside the bike trail that Dad and I ride on...

Look at how silly Skyler's Dad is! He's a lot of fun! Skyler's Mom (as evidenced from the shot that leads into this post) also played with us, too...Mom joined in, but obviously couldn't take any pictures while she was playing with us... :-)
Skyler and I have a lot of fun playing together, and even a simple picture request...
...inevitably turns into a wrestling match....
We're a little silly, but luckily we're the same kind of silly, so we get along really well!

I promise that the next time we have a playdate, I will post about it sooner....I promise that you won't see a post of us in our swimsuits posted this December...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Playdate!

I have been so busy these last few months, that I completely forgot to share the skinny about my first playdate!

My friend Skyler and I have been in the same classroom for awhile now (We were split up for a little bit these last few months, but I always stopped by to see her in my old Silverbells we're in the same class again!) so we got to be really good friends...we managed to find some time to have a playdate, so Mom and I went over her house!
We played a lot! She has a lot of really fun stuff at her home! She also loves to do arts n' crafts, so she has a neat little table all set up just for that. There was lots of colored paper to draw on, and cut up, and glue together. Cool, right?
We also had lunch with Skyler and her was pretty good! Mostly I was just wrapped up in hanging out with my friend, and playing with a bunch of really cool stuff! We had a lot of fun!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Magic Birthday Party!!!

A few months ago, I went to a birthday party for my friend was a very cool event that was held in a magic shop nearby! Dad was very excited for me, since he had always wanted to go to the magic shop after seeing it on the side of the road so many times...Unfortunately for Dad, the shop just closed, but we were fortunate enough to have been one of the last parties that were held there!

Don't worry...the magician still does parties, but has only closed his retail store...anyway, enough background...let's get to the magic!!

Skyler and I were throwing some hugs back and forth before the show started....I was really happy to see her!

Above is a shot of  Barry the Magician pulling flowers out of his sleeve....or something. I didn't quite see what happened! It was so fast! One second there was nothing there, and all of a sudden, there were flowers! Pretty magical, right?
I was pretty concerned at first.  Before anything happened, a spooky voice came out over the speakers saying "Is everybody ready for some magic?" I immediately yelled,  "NO!!", but luckily Mom was there to talk me down...she did a good job of getting me excited after a pretty terrifying start!
And sure enough, stuff got fun as promised! Susie, Barry's lovely assistant, helped him pull off some crazy magic tricks, including this enormous scarf being pulled from his mouth! How did he do that, you ask? MAGIC!
Skyler was a little scared when he asked her to come up and help out...her Mom went up with her, and the two of them helped Barry make a dove appear. Even SKYLER can do magic! Cool!
Then, of course, I couldn't be left out....I joined in and got to be the assistant!
I even got to use a magic wand, and wave it around! Yes, I know that as soon as you read that, you said what everyone else did: "Ooooooooh!"
Other kids joined up with me to help enhance the magic a bit....we were all being very helpful.
Both of us had wands now, so there was a LOT of magic going on...Barry helped set us up for the next trick....
I waved wand at box....said some magic words...
...and a bunny appeared! OK...let's talk about this: First of all, A BUNNY! HOW CUTE IS THAT!? Second of all, I helped make that happen! MAGIC INDEED!
  Skyler's Dad and cousin also got in on the act, helping Barry out with some more magic tricks!
 After some more very cool tricks and illusions, it was of course...PIZZA TIME! We ran for it, hoping to get good seats at the table...
The setup was really nice, and we all got to have some pizza. For desert, we got to have some homemade cake pops (Which you can see on the cool magic hat holder in the center of the table above) Definitely a lot of themed stuff today!
Of course, the day would not be complete without some cake, which was chocolate and was TO DIE FOR...

At the end of the party, Skyler and I exchanged some hugs which, since we are 3 and 3 and a half respectively, turned into a small wrestling match...a VERY cool party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SKYLER!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A second, more measured post about my new bicycle...

Now that I have had some time to ride and reflect (and calm down) I can actually tell you a bit about my bike...I have always enjoyed riding bikes....first Mom and Dad bought me the seat that attached to the front of Daddy's Bike....then Gramma Debbie got me my Tricycle for Christmas

Now, thanks to my cousin Timothy, I have a bike! This bike used to belong to him, but since he outgrew it, my family was nice enough to pass it down to me!

When I got to Gramma Mindy's house for Aunt Mallory's shower, I noticed a bike under Gramma Mindy's house before anything else....I immediately asked Mom if the bike was for me, and she said that she was talking about it with Dad and Gramma Mindy....luckily the bike was approved for travel, and they loaded it up for me when we were done with our shower weekend for Aunt Mallory...
We brought it home, and when I got there, as soon as Dad came down to the garage to greet us, I opened the door, and with butterflies in my tummy, I told him, "Daddy...guess what we have in the back's a bi-cy-cle!"

I couldn't wait to show him, and once we did, I couldn't wait to get it home! We brought it upstairs, cleaned it off, pumped up the tires, added a bell that Dad had bought for my tricycle, put the bike parking sticker on it, and we were off to the races!
It was hard to wait for a the first day that I got to ride...In order to give me some low-pressure time to learn how to ride, Dad took me into our courtyard first...we went over how you have to move the pedals forward to get it to move forward, and move them back to put the brakes on...
I got the hang of it pretty quickly...before I knew it, I was moving right along!
Look! Bees! They are climbing on the flowers, and grabbing the nectar with their hands and putting it into the pouches on the back of their  is really cool to get nice and close to watch them...whoah, the bee just flew right towards my face...did you see that!? Whoah!
Where was I? Oh yeah...I rode my bike around for awhile, sending Dad off to go and hide in different places so I could ride around and find was so fun!
By the end of it, I was tired, but had had SO MUCH FUN! Dad and I brought my bike to the bike parking area in our garage, and he let me park my bike right next to his! I also used his bike lock so that no one would take it...
I went ahead and locked my bike up next to Dad' was really cool to see it down with his bike. I felt like a real cyclist now!
And before you worry, I know that my helmet is a little small, but I have merely outgrown it and Mom and Dad already have plans to take me to the store this weekend to get a new one...that's one of the other reasons that my first bike ride was in our first!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bike! Bike! Bike! Bike! Bike!


Man....I was pretty excited when I got my little seat on Dad's bike....I was pretty excited when I got my tricycle...

and yeah...i'm a little excited about my bike.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Connecticut Visit...

This is a quickie, but I didn't want to gloss over the fact that I got to visit with Gramma Mindy while I was in Connecticut this past weekend...she took Mommy and I to the Water Park near her is always the perfect way to beat the heat...she even ran around with me in the water sprayers....she is a pretty cool Gramma!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aunt Mallory's Shower!

This weekend I went up to Connecticut to visit with family and attend the bridal shower of my future Aunt Mallory...I wasn't feeling so hot, and had a bit of a difficult time heading into the event...initially I sat in the car, refusing to take part...I was just in a very bad mood...then after JustRichy took me for a ride, I made my way into the hallway...but still refused to continue on to the party...I was feeling pretty cranky...
My cousin Timothy and I sat and talked for awhile about why I wasn't going to the was nice to have him around...he was a good listener...
Finally...after what seemed like forever, after reinforcements were sent in in the form of Gramma Debbie,  I made my way inside...she convinced me that I might actually have fun at the party...why did I listen to her reasoning and no one else's? How should I know...I'm three and a half! I make no sense!
I was glad that I decided to join the party! Lots of people that I enjoyed hanging out with were there...obviously my Aunt Mallory was there, but so were Gramma Mindy and Mom!
Nicholas was there along with Gramma Debbie...he and I ran around a lot. I also ran around a lot with my cousin Timothy, but we ran SO FAST that a camera wasn't able to catch our speedy moves!
How cute is Aunt Mallory? I'm kind of thrilled to be having her join the family...she is pretty awesome!
After many opened presents, much cake eating, and many fun times...the shower ended, and we made our way back to Gramma Mindy's....while it was a bit difficult, I ended up having a good time. :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Cousin's Graduation Party!!

After we finished my friend's wild animal birthday party, Dad and I (Mom was on a work trip) hopped in the car and headed up to Pennsylvania to visit my relatives up there for a graduation party for my cousin, Evette.

We got to spend a lot of time with our relatives, playing games and enjoying the nice weather! This photo was a little late in the day, so you can see the cracks showing in happiness, but generally it was fun...

Gramma Debbie managed to get me to try one of the snacks that she had brought, and after a couple of bites, I realized that I didn't like it...but at least I tried it. That was the important part.

I managed to get a nice picture with my cousin, though this is the first picture: (As you can tell, I don't like performing on command) I must say, even though I was a bit sulky, everyone joined in, and it was a nice themed picture.

And this is the picture after Gramma Debbie promised me a pudding if I smiled to make a nice picture.

Obviously I got a pudding...because that's a pretty nice picture, if I do say so myself!

There was a lot of cool stuff going cousin's kindergarten teacher even made the trip to surprise my cousin and send her off into the world...lots of cool stuff like that! Some speeches, jokes, and lots of fun!

In general, we had some amazing food (these people are the kings of barbecue) and got to have lots of fun playing soccer and other games with my cousins...on my way out, while I was getting changed, my Great Uncle Alan (Seen in the large family picture on the far left) sang a little song "You are my nudie boy..." to the tune of "you are my sunshine" and man, that song has been stuck in my head for weeks...I just asked Mom and Dad about it yesterday. Amazing day. I love my family.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A WILD Birthday Party!!

One of my friend's had a birthday party a couple weeks ago, and it was VERY...VERY cool.

The party was at his house, and they had a nice lady come by that brought a bunch of animals with her! She told us a little bit about the animals, and she also let us touch and play with them! (Gently, of course)

She let us hold a very fluffy bunny that I REALLY enjoyed meeting...he was very calm, and seemed to enjoy playing with all of us...
We got a more close-up view of a duck than I had ever gotten thanks to this nice lady...I was pretty excited to show off my quacking skills, and I must say, the duck seemed pretty impressed. I felt pretty good about it.
We put on a heavy glove to prevent getting scratched by the cockatiel. It was a very sweet bird, and we were told that he sometimes talked, but I think he was feeling pretty shy towards us, so he was pretty quiet that day. But it was still very cool to get to hold him...

Next up...a lizard! He was a lot smoother and dryer than I imagined...I figured he'd be all slimy, but he felt very nice, and I liked getting to hold him. Another very calm customer...
What is an animal day without snakes! There were two was a little fatter, and we all got to hold him...
One was kind of long and slithery, and I got to put him around my shoulders....they were both very nice, and didn't do anything sketchy and mean...I was impressed with their professionalism.
Even though the party was focused on the animals, we still had time to play with some of the toys my friend had in his back yard, which was cool. He had this neat construction toy that had pretend dirt and diggers. It was pretty cool.
And of course, how could the day be complete without some cupcakes to finish off the party, am I right!? Delicious offerings as always!
Me and my friends also got to go downstairs and play with my friend's drum was loud and just as awesome as I had hoped!
My friend's brother played a little mini concert in the back yard full of great songs that kids would like...he had us singing along and was SOOOOO much fun!
We got to do a lot of running around, socializing with friends, and having some great food...but to finish off the day, we all got to line up and see just how big that one snake was...the answer: Pretty darn big! A unique, and very fun birthday party!