Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Magic Birthday Party!!!

A few months ago, I went to a birthday party for my friend was a very cool event that was held in a magic shop nearby! Dad was very excited for me, since he had always wanted to go to the magic shop after seeing it on the side of the road so many times...Unfortunately for Dad, the shop just closed, but we were fortunate enough to have been one of the last parties that were held there!

Don't worry...the magician still does parties, but has only closed his retail store...anyway, enough background...let's get to the magic!!

Skyler and I were throwing some hugs back and forth before the show started....I was really happy to see her!

Above is a shot of  Barry the Magician pulling flowers out of his sleeve....or something. I didn't quite see what happened! It was so fast! One second there was nothing there, and all of a sudden, there were flowers! Pretty magical, right?
I was pretty concerned at first.  Before anything happened, a spooky voice came out over the speakers saying "Is everybody ready for some magic?" I immediately yelled,  "NO!!", but luckily Mom was there to talk me down...she did a good job of getting me excited after a pretty terrifying start!
And sure enough, stuff got fun as promised! Susie, Barry's lovely assistant, helped him pull off some crazy magic tricks, including this enormous scarf being pulled from his mouth! How did he do that, you ask? MAGIC!
Skyler was a little scared when he asked her to come up and help out...her Mom went up with her, and the two of them helped Barry make a dove appear. Even SKYLER can do magic! Cool!
Then, of course, I couldn't be left out....I joined in and got to be the assistant!
I even got to use a magic wand, and wave it around! Yes, I know that as soon as you read that, you said what everyone else did: "Ooooooooh!"
Other kids joined up with me to help enhance the magic a bit....we were all being very helpful.
Both of us had wands now, so there was a LOT of magic going on...Barry helped set us up for the next trick....
I waved wand at box....said some magic words...
...and a bunny appeared! OK...let's talk about this: First of all, A BUNNY! HOW CUTE IS THAT!? Second of all, I helped make that happen! MAGIC INDEED!
  Skyler's Dad and cousin also got in on the act, helping Barry out with some more magic tricks!
 After some more very cool tricks and illusions, it was of course...PIZZA TIME! We ran for it, hoping to get good seats at the table...
The setup was really nice, and we all got to have some pizza. For desert, we got to have some homemade cake pops (Which you can see on the cool magic hat holder in the center of the table above) Definitely a lot of themed stuff today!
Of course, the day would not be complete without some cake, which was chocolate and was TO DIE FOR...

At the end of the party, Skyler and I exchanged some hugs which, since we are 3 and 3 and a half respectively, turned into a small wrestling match...a VERY cool party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SKYLER!!

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