Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall 2013 Trip to Lyman Orchards!

Fall is in the air!

A couple weeks ago, Mom and I met up with Gramma Mindy, Uncle Mat, and Aunt Mallory at Lyman Orchards in Connecticut, to apple and pumpkin picking!

We got to go right up to the trees, and just pluck the apples off of them! We put them in our bags, and got to take them home! It's not like getting them in a store! This is as fresh as they come!
They looked so good there on the tree, that it was hard to not grab them all! It was like a story book! Very cool!
We all had a really great time, and got to take a bag of apples each!
There was a lot of walking around, but I was up to the task! Knowing that there was fresh apples at the end of our long walk made it a lot easier!
I even managed to find a bit of time to be silly. We all know how important being silly is during apple picking...
I don't think they'll let me use my head as an official scale to see how much we have to pay, but I at least had to TRY.
We went out to look at pumpkins, too. There were lots of choices, and Aunt Mallory did a great job helping me find the best one!
This one I ended up with was both the perfect size to carry around, and also the perfect size to carve a jack-o-lantern face!
I was pretty proud of the decision I made, and couldn't wait to get home and show my Dad!
Speaking of Dad, I also found a really great pumpkin for him, but since he really likes going to pumpkin patches, too...I left this one here, and figured we'd wait until we went to get one for him when we got back home to Maryland. I made sure to take a pic though, to let him know I was thinking about him!
What better way to end things in the Fall after visiting an orchard than to get some AMAZING doghnuts and cider at the farm stand. We managed to bring home one of the doughnuts to Dad, but JUST BARELY....they were DELICIOUS!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Connecticut Visit for Godmother Amber's Baby Shower 2013!

You can kind of tell that this is a late post since Mom has already  been to Connecticut to visit the baby that this event was thrown for...man, I get so behind sometimes...but anyhoo, that doesn't make it any less fun, right? I am mildly embarrassed that this so late, but then again, I am fairly shameless....so that makes it OK.

The event was a lot of fun! The party was thankfully very monkey friendly, so Monkey got to tag along with me. We had a blast hanging out with everyone!
My godmother seemed to have a great time as well! She got to wear a little crown, and had lots of great food and fun times with her friends and family.
And there were OBVIOUSLY lots of really pretty presents!
I got to spend a lot of time with Mom's side of the family. Gramma Mindy, JustRichy, and Aunt Mallory were in attendance. They enjoyed the time at the party, too!
One of the things Mallory enjoyed doing was taking fun pictures of Monkey and and showing them to me...luckily, one of my favorite past times was having pictures taken of me and then shared with me.
After the party, I brought out the superheroes that I had brought specifically for Aunt Mallory and I to play with. I knew even before I went up there that the Incredible Hulk was all Mallory's (She does an awesome "Hulk Smash") and I was going to be Batman (I do an awesome emotionless gravelly voice that lends itself well to parody)
While Mallory and I were playing, JustRichy worked on building a new castle that Gramma Mindy had gotten me. It had lots of pieces, and easily the worst set of instructions on the face of the Earth. Seriously, it's like someone who didn't know how to put the castle together wrote out the instructions, and then gave it to someone and said "Hey...this makes too much sense. Can you photocopy it on an old 1992 Konica Black and White copier that is at the end of its useful life? YEAH...that looks PERFECT! THAT is what we're putting in the box...."
So good on Richie, he got it mostly put together, and I got to travel back in time with my knight figures (Which, even when the castle isn't assembled, are pretty awesome toys on their own)
There was a drawbridge so I could keep out the bad guys....
And there were lots of turrets for me to post guards at....it was a really cool toy.
Luckily, Mom had time to get over to Gramma Debbie's house during this trip, and I got to spend some time playing with her and Nicholas...to drive home how long ago this visit was, Nicholas moved into his own house (with his Mom and Dad, of course) already, and doesn't even live there anymore.
Oh...and Nicholas has a lightsaber. An ACTUAL lightsaber, people!

**Disclaimer. This lightsaber is only a toy, and cannot actually be used a laser sword.