Monday, June 29, 2009

I have truly discovered the cat....

Norma and I have had some interaction over the few months that I have been on this Earth...but recently, I have become interested in her in ways that have my parents paying a bit more attention to me and her...this past week, I began grabbing her fur in large chunks as she walks by me. She has been sniffing at me, and lingering a bit longer than she usually does. This of course, doesn't necessarily concern my parents TOO much, but they are a bit more aware of the two of us when we're near each other...

Dad always tells me "Pet the kitty NICELY like THIS" and shows me how he pets her, but really, grabbing a big old clump of fur is a lot more fun! So, I think that's what I'll do for now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Well...after an intense 3 day visit to Louisville, I'm back home, safe and sound. The trip back home was a lot harder than the trip out there, and Mom and Dad quickly learned that when I would like to stop and take a break, that means that right then, at that very second, I would like to stop and take a break.

I try and give them some warning...I'll wake up, be happy for about fifteen minutes or so, and then get a bit fussy. The fussiness is the warning. I'm fussy for about 10 minutes, and that's the time you have to stop. After that, I melt down.

I wouldn't even look at Mom when she sat in the back and tried to console me. I didn't want to read, or play with my stuffed animals. I wanted to be out of the car, taking a break from driving.

Once my parents figured that out, all was right with the world!

The trip was still long, but the scenery was again quite lovely. Mom and Dad talked and enjoyed the trip, while I tried to take in the natural beauty of the world around me.

Well, that and sleeping for several hours at a clip.

It was an exhausting trip, but well worth it, and I hope we get to do it again sometime soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Very Baseball-y day....

Our last full day here in Louisville was all about baseball! As you can see above, Mom skipped out during lunch to join Dad & I at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Yes...we are standing in front of a HUGE Louisville Slugger bat.

The bat towered over the building, as was very cool to see. The glass factory next door had a large baseball smashing through the window. Who puts a glass factory next to a bat factory? Especially with that huge bat sitting outside...not very smart, if you ask me.

The tour of the factory was VERY cool! It was actually the working factory where all the Louisville Slugger bats are made. Due the fact that there may well have been baseball bat maker spies amongst us, cameras were not allowed in the actual factory, but believe me when I say it was amazing to watch a piece of wood magically become a baseball bat in 30 seconds. Dad was amazed to discover that each player uses his own bat in the Major leagues, and Mom noticed that several players including Alex Rodriguez had "Rush Orders" listed on a white board in the factory. VERY cool! Below, we are taking a quick stroll through the museum, and Dad let me try and pull the baseball off the wall, knowing full well it was glued on there pretty tightly. What a meanie.

At the end of the tour, everyone received a free Louisville Slugger mini-bat. Even me! Here, you can see me scrutinizing the bat to make sure that it was the exact measurements and weight that I requested. Major League players can tell differences in bats that machines can't even pick up. So can babies.

Or maybe players are being babies, since if a machine can't sense it, why can a human? Silly baseball players....

All in all, it was a very cool tour, and it really made you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making these things, and how precise it all is from player to player. A lot of fun.

Dad met up for lunch with an old friend from DC who happened to live in Louisville now (Dad has a mild stalking problem) While I slept through some of lunch, I was told that they went to a very cool BBQ place, and that they had a lot of fun catching up...I woke up towards the end, and I got to meet her. I also met a couple kids at the BBQ place that were talking to me. They were a lot of fun. Dad's friend Kristen seemed nice, and I even threw some smiles her way to humor everyone, but really I just wanted to go back to sleep, which I soon did just in time to drive back and meet Mom at the hotel.

Mom was finally freed from work, Dad and I took naps, and then it was off to Louisville Slugger Stadium for my first baseball game!! It was the Lousiville Bats (as in little flying ones) versus the Gwinnett Braves. Where the heck is Gwinnett, you ask? It's in Georgia! (Thank you, Google!)

Mom and I are having a blast, though you can tell I'm getting a bit warm and tired. Below, this is Dad and I earlier in the game. I wore my requisite baseball hat, as did Dad.

A random surprise first tonight: I took my very first swig of water! I was parched, so Mom let me have a little water, which surprised Dad, since he figured that I would just let it dribble down my chin (He still thinks I'm a doll, or something...) But lo and behold, I drank a little bit, swallowed it down, and enjoyed every drop!! Thanks, Mom!

Final score was Lousiville 5, Gwinnett 0! The team I was rooting for won! NICE! We left during the seventh inning stretch, since I was beat, but we didn't miss anything exciting. We caught up with the game online.

Tomorrow...the long drive home, and then back to old grind...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Louisville-Day 2

So today was a bit crazy....

Dad and I knew that there was supposed to be some crazy weather moving in, but we didn't know that it would be THAT crazy!

We hung out with Mom in the early hours of the day (OK, Dad was in a sleepy haze, and I was eating...) and then she went off to work.

Part of her day was giving a talk about an aspect of her job. Her nametag had a little ribbon stuck to it that said "Speaker" and Dad thought that was awesome. From what it sounded like, she did very well. She even got to answer some questions. Dad and I were very proud of her.

While she was doing that, Dad and I packed up, and went for a walk around Louisville. He clipped me into the Baby Bjorn, and we were off. Above is a photo of the view of our hotel from the 18th floor, which we're on. It's a little nuts! Also, the elevator drops fast enough that it feels like you're falling, which is fun and scary at the same time (Dad says that's a natural way to feel in a situation like that) Dad discovered that whenever I seem scared, all he has to do, is make a happy sound like "Yayyyy" or "oooooooh!" and I tend to calm down...fine work, Dad...

Above is a picture of "Fourth Street Live", a section of fourth street that serves as a strip of bars, restaurants, and in the summer months, a free streetside concert venue. Pretty cool, huh? Dad walked through here, and we found a nice coffee shop (and two baristas to fawn over me...Dad is still getting used to people smiling at his chest and talking to it when I'm strapped's like having a little celebrity attached to you.)

So, at this point, the rain began to fall, and while Dad had the big umbrella, he was unprepared for the monsoon which was to follow. He was going to take shelter under the covered section of "Fourth Street Live" but the wind was so bad, it just blew through the covered area, and there was no real cover. So, we snuck off into a little alcove for a stairway, and hid in there while the storm raged oustide. It was SO loud, but I stayed calm (Partially due to Dad's "oooooh" whenever there was a loud clap of thunder...he told me later that it was some of the craziest lightning that he had ever seen..) We just stood there and calmly watched people from the outdoor restaurants chasing after tables and stuff that was getting blown around...

When we deemed it safe, we exited, and walked across the street to the hotel, and went upstairs. We watched the storm from the hotel room window, which was quite a view. It was a lot of fun, and quite a little adventure!

Later, after the weather all calmed down, Dad and I walked to the waterfront, and even though I had my little hat on, we both got pretty hot. It was a really nice walk, though some parts of Louisville are pretty beaten up. Generally, was very nice!

Since I was so warm, and a little red from our walk, Mom was nice enough to press a cool wash cloth agaisnt my forehead when we got back to the hotel room, and it felt SOOOO good! She also fed me, which felt even better.

This is Joe's Crab Shack, with a bridge to Indiana in the background. The waterfront was quite lovely.

Mom and Dad went out to a little restaurant close by, and ate dinner, while I finally fell asleep. The waitress marvelled that I was able to fall asleep with all the noise, but hey...when I'm tired, I'm tired!

Tomorrow is our last full day in Louisville, and then I'm told we have another long day in the car on Saturday. Outrageous!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can see Indiana from here!

So...after 12 hours in the car...we have arrived in Louisville!! The city just kind of sprang up out of second we were in the woods, the next we were in a pretty decent-sized major city!

The drive was long, but exquisite...we drove several hours through picturesque Maryland (turns out, once you get far enough from Washington, DC, Maryland is quite lovely) including The Alleghenies, which Dad has always wanted to see. Huge mountains, deep valleys, all covered in trees as far as the eye can see.

There was some severe weather along the way (Dad had to actually stop singing and talking to me, to concentrate on the road which he could barely see in front of him.) but just as quickly as the storm came, it left. Blue skies all around us. (Until the next random rain squall showed up a couple hours later)

Once, during part of the Alleghenies leg, we were in a pass cut through a mountain, and the fog was so thick, you could barely see in front of you, and it looked like there was a ceiling above us...

But generally, the weather was nice. In the pic above, you can see Dad and I having fun at what is easily the prettiest rest stop I have ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a few.

Dad and I carried on, stopping periodically to give me a break (though, I was angry and felt betrayed at the last break, since I thought we were done...I cried for ten minutes, but Mr. Lyon helped keep me calm...more on him later)

While the drive was long, West Virginia, Kentucky (both of which Dad had never been to, and was very excited to see) and Maryland were such beautiful places. We can't wait to share the trip with Mom on our way home.

Finally, we arrived in Louisville, and after having some trouble locating Mom, reunited with her. ( felt so good) she was very excited to see me, and I was thrilled to see her. She had been bragging to everyone about how awesome Dad is to make the trip, and they threw mad props to the both of us for making a difficult journey.

More on my trip as it develops!


So...Mom is going on a business trip to Louisville, KY. Dad had to take a few days off work to take care of me anyway, and thought, "'s been awhile since I've been on a business trip with my wife...we have to take Sam to Maine in August...why not go on a mini road trip to Louisville to prep for it, and see how Sam does on a long trip!"

Dad will be driving 10-12 hours today through Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, and Kentucky. Hopefully the trip goes smoothly. The longest I have been in a car thus far has been some of the longer car trips to Connecticut when Mom or Dad has to stop a lot to take care of me.

It's possible that I will be seeing my first baseball game, and it's almost definite that I will not enjoy being in a car for half a day.

Dad is bringing the laptop along, and I will be blogging from Louisville, and along the way if we have a web connection. Follow along, and enjoy!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My hands, feet and mouth....

So, in case you haven't heard, I got sick this week. The little germ factory known as "Daycare" had a spat of Hand Foot and Mouth actually sounds worse than it is: I get little blisters on my hands, feet and mouth, and run a bit of a fever. I also have a sore throat, and am pretty miserable lately...

I was sent home from daycare, because of this contagious little bug, and unfortunately you really have to just wait it out. I felt awful, but Mom took really good care of me when she had to stay home from work...

Dad helped when he got home, but at least he didn't have to stay home from work...

Sorry this post is kinda lame, but I feel awful. :-(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_2_Part_2

Hey there! So...on Sunday I got to go to my Auntie's bridal shower, and  I also got to hang out with my family before heading out on the wide road home...As you can see, JustRich doesn't DO baby talk...he was explaining some serious stuff to me here! I had just had one of my patented "On The Road" baths, and was having some fun with him while I was drying off. What did he tell me, you ask? Well...that's our little secret, isn't it?!

Below is a shot of me humoring my Gramma Mindy as she dressed me for the cold trip ahead. (I told you, that it's been awhile since I posted) I have a feeling that I will be humoring my grandparents for years to the end of the day, it's fun, and I love 'em to death...but really...look at that face I have on!!
Soothing myself after the "On The Road" bath...nothing makes me happier than to be naked and  swaddled up warmly in a towel, calmly sucking thumb, and watching the world go by...
Here, Uncle Mat helps me finish my breakfast. I really wanted to finish it, but obviously I was full. being a very small person, I naturally have a very small stomach. And really, they couldn't find me smaller utensils? C'mon now! Mat sports the latest in bedhead fashion, and I am hanging out in my bumpo chair, which I LOVE. It lives at Gramma Mindy's, and I enjoy sitting in it during any opportunity I have. It helps me hold myself up,  and I truly believe that my Dad has a great idea in creating a grown-up version of this to help the lazy. 

Also, it is of note that my Uncle Mat recently shipped off to bootcamp. He is going to be part of the Marines soon, and he had to leave earlier than we all expected. I wish him all the best, and miss him already. I also miss the hair, as he is now quite bald. Though, I do think that he looks much better bald than I thought he would. 

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and you'll be making me a very happy beanie. :-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_2_Part_1

So, it took me a million years to post these photos, but here they finally are in all their glory! It literally took me so long, that some of these pictures are from my Auntie Steph's bridal shower, and Auntie Steph is already married!

For this event, I resumed "Baby Tour 2009" and headed up to Connecticut to join my Mom in celebrating the addition of "Uncle Brian" to the family...Since Mom is one of the bridesmaids in the wedding, she headed up to take part in the shower, and I headed up, in a concerted effort to draw every speck of attention away from my Aunt, and towards me.

As I noted in an earlier post, the drive up was a little brutal for Mom, as it was her first long-range drive with me by herself. Dad had to work, and was unable to drive up with her, so she bravely hopped in the car with a bunch of stuff to bring to CT, and set off. After a delay on Saturday morning, (Thanks to me, and my barely flexible schedule) While the trip was MUCH longer than usual, she pulled it off, and we arrived safely in Connecticut. She's a tough nut to crack, my Mom.  Mom arrived at the shower with Gramma Mindy, and myself, to much oohing and ahhing.

Oh...and my Auntie (The Bride) was there, too. I suppose I should mention that. :-)

Above is DaGramma with my Cousin's Evette, and Cynthia. Cynthia is amazing at being able to put me to sleep when need be.

As you can see, I was a bit more tired than usual...and, I'll admit it....a bit crabby. Here, my Great Aunt Cindy consoles me with help from Cynthia, Evette, and Lil Evette. (I sense a theme here with the names...I'll have to figure that out later....)
Everyone played some shower games (some of which my Grandma had come up with) and my Aunt opened a bunch of presents. She later remarked to my Dad that she was "Shocked" that she had gotten so much stuff. My Dad's reply?
"Wait til the wedding!"

My Dad received several texts with pictures of me meeting even MORE family members and friends this weekend...he actually found himself missing me, which was surprising for him...somehow he got over it, and enjoyed his first baby-free weekend in some time...Above is Cynthia quieting me, while Evette presumably gets one one of my Dad's texts. I presume this, because Evette is laughing, and my Dad is hilarious.

Here, I am listening to Mrs. Dumas, the mother of one of my Dad's best friends. He has known this guy since second grade. Also, according to legend, they share a brain. Also fawning over me are my Auntie Steph, my future Aunt Amy, and Lynette, Dumas' fiance. Enough with the weddings, already, people!!!
Here I am with my Great Aunt Cindy again, rocking my adorable hat. I do love what Mom dressed me up in for the shower. Classy overalls, matching onesie, with adorable hat. I hope I keep getting dressed up all cute, and don't end up like some kids whose parents allow them to let themselves go. I may look weirded out, but I assure you, i was just exhausted.

And here I am with Evette again. I have to say, I enjoy hanging out with her greatly, and she seems to also enjoy it. She does a great job of keeping me calm, and protecting me from loud noises, and overzealous fans.
And last, but certainly not least, a pic of me with my Auntie Steph. She looks adorable in her sash and tiara, if not a bit elitist. Though who am I to judge, as I am usually dressed impeccably well, if not downright edible. We all had a lot of fun at the shower, and it was totally worth the trip! I'm sorry it took me so long to post these.... 

Monday, June 1, 2009

FIRSTS! SOLID FOODS! may have been small, and it may have been awfully soft....but yesterday, I ate my first solid food! On the menu for my first solid meal was some rice cereal. A few ounces of breast milk, and a few teaspoons of cereal, and I was on my way. I have to say, I was definitely a fan.
Mom was quite amused by my lunging forward towards the spoon...I was even trying to get more of it in my mouth before she had a chance to put more on the spoon. Hey, it's not MY fault that she's slow at refilling.  
Dad held me, while Mom fed me. Both of them took a few pictures, and Dad filmed some video as well.
The rice cereal was a fine choice for a first meal. The complex flavors, and subtle texture made for a bold, memorable dining experience.  As you can tell, I had a lot of fun eating for the first time. I took to the spoon immediately (I had seen Mom and (sorta) Dad using them correctly for several months.) and didn't have any trouble with it. I knew this was my moment to shine, and I didn't want to screw it up!
The first picture below shows the bowl when Mom first filled it, and the second picture is what was left after I was done eating. I didn't really know how to signal that I was full since I've never had to do that before, so I settled for the old tried and true: I made a face, and refused to swallow any more rice cereal. They gave me a couple more spoonfuls just to make sure that I was done, and I just threw them another sour face.


What happened to the font in that last post?

Hm...odd. I don't know why that happened, and I can't seem to fix it without making it worse. Ah well. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

Here it is in its entirety...

So, what I've been doing lately is prepping Mom and Dad for one of Baby's favorite games:

I drop it, you pick it up. Repeat.

I have been using several methods to do this: I have been sucking on a cold washcloth for teething,

I drop it, they pick it up. Repeat.

I have been kicking off my socks. My parents put them back on again...I kick them off again...

It really is a remarkably fun game. I had no idea that it would be so much fun until I actually
started doing it. Now, it seems like nothing will EVER match the fun of watching them try to catch whatever I kick off, in an effort to not have to wash it once it hits the floor.

Once I perfect this game, I can apply it to virtually anything that you give me to hold.

A bottle? I will drop it! You will pick it up!

Rattles? The same!

Fragile keepsakes that I shouldn't be holding anyway? YOU BET!
Here is a picture of my latest favorite past time. I enjoy sticking my tongue out at people, especially Mom & Dad. Bleeeehhhhh!