Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So...Mom is going on a business trip to Louisville, KY. Dad had to take a few days off work to take care of me anyway, and thought, "'s been awhile since I've been on a business trip with my wife...we have to take Sam to Maine in August...why not go on a mini road trip to Louisville to prep for it, and see how Sam does on a long trip!"

Dad will be driving 10-12 hours today through Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, and Kentucky. Hopefully the trip goes smoothly. The longest I have been in a car thus far has been some of the longer car trips to Connecticut when Mom or Dad has to stop a lot to take care of me.

It's possible that I will be seeing my first baseball game, and it's almost definite that I will not enjoy being in a car for half a day.

Dad is bringing the laptop along, and I will be blogging from Louisville, and along the way if we have a web connection. Follow along, and enjoy!!

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