Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Fifth Birthday Party With My Family!

As in the past, the winter has passed me by, and I ended up getting behind on the blog. I am now going to spend the next few days recapping the holidays in March (although, it seems fitting, as there is about 7 inches of snow outside as I type this)

Also as in the past, we had my birthday party at Gramma Mindy's. There was some snowy weather, but it wasn't so bad that people couldn't come (which was nice)

The goodie bags included some very cool items, one of which was a giant balloon with an elastic band on it that you could use as a punching bag. Me and the other kids thought it was awesome...well, the kids and Gramma Debbie. :-)

I got to play with my cousins a lot which is always a blast. Timothy and I had some great fun hiding from people, and hanging out in our own little clubhouse which doubled as the cake table.

When that table got co-opted, we moved to the main dining table, which was just as nice, and also had a great base that doubled as a lovely decorative column for our clubhouse.
Lots of people came, and there was great food, snacks, and fun! Grandpa and Auntie Steph are hanging out with my newest cousin Anthony, while more folks mill around the living area.
Mom and I had a lot of fun moments together during the party. It was great to be so sweet with her.
When the time came for the cake, I shared the moment with Braelynn, Nick, and Timothy.
The cake had a few really cool balloons on it, a number 5 candle, and the Buzz Lightyear candles that make the rounds for all my birthdays (What can I say?! I love those candles!)
I got to lick the frosting off of the big candle after I blew out the candles and made my wish (Don't think you'll get me to tell you my wish...then it won't come true!!) Look at Nick's face! He is fascinated by that candle frosting...I was coerced into sharing the candles with the other kids. I guess I can share, even on my birthday.
We had a really great spread of food, but behind Mom you will see the greatest game ever made in the entire world....PIN THE TAIL ON THE BULLSEYE!
It's just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except that it's WAY cooler...it has BULLSEYE from Toy Story!
Mom got everything set up, and read us the directions...I was very excited to play. Basically, it was grab a sticky tail, put on a blindfold, get spun around until you lose your bearings a bit, and try to move forward to put the tail on the Bullseye where it belongs.
On my first try, I did great, but we had some issues with understanding everyone taking a turn, and ALSO getting to put the sticker on...after a brief meltdown, we resume the game.
We all did pretty well, if I do say so myself!
Yet another wonderful birthday party with my family!