Thursday, June 18, 2009

Louisville-Day 2

So today was a bit crazy....

Dad and I knew that there was supposed to be some crazy weather moving in, but we didn't know that it would be THAT crazy!

We hung out with Mom in the early hours of the day (OK, Dad was in a sleepy haze, and I was eating...) and then she went off to work.

Part of her day was giving a talk about an aspect of her job. Her nametag had a little ribbon stuck to it that said "Speaker" and Dad thought that was awesome. From what it sounded like, she did very well. She even got to answer some questions. Dad and I were very proud of her.

While she was doing that, Dad and I packed up, and went for a walk around Louisville. He clipped me into the Baby Bjorn, and we were off. Above is a photo of the view of our hotel from the 18th floor, which we're on. It's a little nuts! Also, the elevator drops fast enough that it feels like you're falling, which is fun and scary at the same time (Dad says that's a natural way to feel in a situation like that) Dad discovered that whenever I seem scared, all he has to do, is make a happy sound like "Yayyyy" or "oooooooh!" and I tend to calm down...fine work, Dad...

Above is a picture of "Fourth Street Live", a section of fourth street that serves as a strip of bars, restaurants, and in the summer months, a free streetside concert venue. Pretty cool, huh? Dad walked through here, and we found a nice coffee shop (and two baristas to fawn over me...Dad is still getting used to people smiling at his chest and talking to it when I'm strapped's like having a little celebrity attached to you.)

So, at this point, the rain began to fall, and while Dad had the big umbrella, he was unprepared for the monsoon which was to follow. He was going to take shelter under the covered section of "Fourth Street Live" but the wind was so bad, it just blew through the covered area, and there was no real cover. So, we snuck off into a little alcove for a stairway, and hid in there while the storm raged oustide. It was SO loud, but I stayed calm (Partially due to Dad's "oooooh" whenever there was a loud clap of thunder...he told me later that it was some of the craziest lightning that he had ever seen..) We just stood there and calmly watched people from the outdoor restaurants chasing after tables and stuff that was getting blown around...

When we deemed it safe, we exited, and walked across the street to the hotel, and went upstairs. We watched the storm from the hotel room window, which was quite a view. It was a lot of fun, and quite a little adventure!

Later, after the weather all calmed down, Dad and I walked to the waterfront, and even though I had my little hat on, we both got pretty hot. It was a really nice walk, though some parts of Louisville are pretty beaten up. Generally, was very nice!

Since I was so warm, and a little red from our walk, Mom was nice enough to press a cool wash cloth agaisnt my forehead when we got back to the hotel room, and it felt SOOOO good! She also fed me, which felt even better.

This is Joe's Crab Shack, with a bridge to Indiana in the background. The waterfront was quite lovely.

Mom and Dad went out to a little restaurant close by, and ate dinner, while I finally fell asleep. The waitress marvelled that I was able to fall asleep with all the noise, but hey...when I'm tired, I'm tired!

Tomorrow is our last full day in Louisville, and then I'm told we have another long day in the car on Saturday. Outrageous!


Gramma Mindy said...

We watched the news and weather footage from nearby where you are. There were tornadoes and everything. The announcer said Kentucky had 80 MPH winds! It's amazing to think you were out in that and saw it first hand!

The Dot said...

That's a little nuts! Luckily, Dad took shelter in time, and we watched it from the safety of our little alcove, and then from our hotel room. While intense and scary, Dad said that i was very brave when I was watching the storm, and didn't seem very scared at all (I was a little...tell no one.)