Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_2_Part_2

Hey there! So...on Sunday I got to go to my Auntie's bridal shower, and  I also got to hang out with my family before heading out on the wide road home...As you can see, JustRich doesn't DO baby talk...he was explaining some serious stuff to me here! I had just had one of my patented "On The Road" baths, and was having some fun with him while I was drying off. What did he tell me, you ask? Well...that's our little secret, isn't it?!

Below is a shot of me humoring my Gramma Mindy as she dressed me for the cold trip ahead. (I told you, that it's been awhile since I posted) I have a feeling that I will be humoring my grandparents for years to the end of the day, it's fun, and I love 'em to death...but really...look at that face I have on!!
Soothing myself after the "On The Road" bath...nothing makes me happier than to be naked and  swaddled up warmly in a towel, calmly sucking thumb, and watching the world go by...
Here, Uncle Mat helps me finish my breakfast. I really wanted to finish it, but obviously I was full. being a very small person, I naturally have a very small stomach. And really, they couldn't find me smaller utensils? C'mon now! Mat sports the latest in bedhead fashion, and I am hanging out in my bumpo chair, which I LOVE. It lives at Gramma Mindy's, and I enjoy sitting in it during any opportunity I have. It helps me hold myself up,  and I truly believe that my Dad has a great idea in creating a grown-up version of this to help the lazy. 

Also, it is of note that my Uncle Mat recently shipped off to bootcamp. He is going to be part of the Marines soon, and he had to leave earlier than we all expected. I wish him all the best, and miss him already. I also miss the hair, as he is now quite bald. Though, I do think that he looks much better bald than I thought he would. 

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and you'll be making me a very happy beanie. :-)

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