Monday, July 16, 2012

Aunt Mallory's Shower!

This weekend I went up to Connecticut to visit with family and attend the bridal shower of my future Aunt Mallory...I wasn't feeling so hot, and had a bit of a difficult time heading into the event...initially I sat in the car, refusing to take part...I was just in a very bad mood...then after JustRichy took me for a ride, I made my way into the hallway...but still refused to continue on to the party...I was feeling pretty cranky...
My cousin Timothy and I sat and talked for awhile about why I wasn't going to the was nice to have him around...he was a good listener...
Finally...after what seemed like forever, after reinforcements were sent in in the form of Gramma Debbie,  I made my way inside...she convinced me that I might actually have fun at the party...why did I listen to her reasoning and no one else's? How should I know...I'm three and a half! I make no sense!
I was glad that I decided to join the party! Lots of people that I enjoyed hanging out with were there...obviously my Aunt Mallory was there, but so were Gramma Mindy and Mom!
Nicholas was there along with Gramma Debbie...he and I ran around a lot. I also ran around a lot with my cousin Timothy, but we ran SO FAST that a camera wasn't able to catch our speedy moves!
How cute is Aunt Mallory? I'm kind of thrilled to be having her join the family...she is pretty awesome!
After many opened presents, much cake eating, and many fun times...the shower ended, and we made our way back to Gramma Mindy's....while it was a bit difficult, I ended up having a good time. :-)

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