Friday, July 20, 2012

A second, more measured post about my new bicycle...

Now that I have had some time to ride and reflect (and calm down) I can actually tell you a bit about my bike...I have always enjoyed riding bikes....first Mom and Dad bought me the seat that attached to the front of Daddy's Bike....then Gramma Debbie got me my Tricycle for Christmas

Now, thanks to my cousin Timothy, I have a bike! This bike used to belong to him, but since he outgrew it, my family was nice enough to pass it down to me!

When I got to Gramma Mindy's house for Aunt Mallory's shower, I noticed a bike under Gramma Mindy's house before anything else....I immediately asked Mom if the bike was for me, and she said that she was talking about it with Dad and Gramma Mindy....luckily the bike was approved for travel, and they loaded it up for me when we were done with our shower weekend for Aunt Mallory...
We brought it home, and when I got there, as soon as Dad came down to the garage to greet us, I opened the door, and with butterflies in my tummy, I told him, "Daddy...guess what we have in the back's a bi-cy-cle!"

I couldn't wait to show him, and once we did, I couldn't wait to get it home! We brought it upstairs, cleaned it off, pumped up the tires, added a bell that Dad had bought for my tricycle, put the bike parking sticker on it, and we were off to the races!
It was hard to wait for a the first day that I got to ride...In order to give me some low-pressure time to learn how to ride, Dad took me into our courtyard first...we went over how you have to move the pedals forward to get it to move forward, and move them back to put the brakes on...
I got the hang of it pretty quickly...before I knew it, I was moving right along!
Look! Bees! They are climbing on the flowers, and grabbing the nectar with their hands and putting it into the pouches on the back of their  is really cool to get nice and close to watch them...whoah, the bee just flew right towards my face...did you see that!? Whoah!
Where was I? Oh yeah...I rode my bike around for awhile, sending Dad off to go and hide in different places so I could ride around and find was so fun!
By the end of it, I was tired, but had had SO MUCH FUN! Dad and I brought my bike to the bike parking area in our garage, and he let me park my bike right next to his! I also used his bike lock so that no one would take it...
I went ahead and locked my bike up next to Dad' was really cool to see it down with his bike. I felt like a real cyclist now!
And before you worry, I know that my helmet is a little small, but I have merely outgrown it and Mom and Dad already have plans to take me to the store this weekend to get a new one...that's one of the other reasons that my first bike ride was in our first!!

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Gramma Mindy said...

We are all so glad that you like the bike. You'll outgrow it just as you did your helmet. Next time maybe no training wheels!