Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So...for some time, I have had some interest in bikes. Whenever I would see them parked against curbs, or see anyone riding one on the street, I would excitedly point them out (In case whoever I was with hadn't noticed the bike) and shout "Bike! Bike!"

Mom and Dad got the hint, and decided that, while I was a little too small to get a bike of my own...I was just the right size to take some rides with Dad. (Mom doesn't really do bikes, so this is Dad's department!)

Mom and Dad bought a little bike seat that mounts to the front of Dad's bike. It's uber-comfy for me, and doesn't affect Dad's ability to control the bike. It's very well designed. (It's an iBert seat, and you can click HERE to check them out.)

Well, they bought the seat, and then had to find the time to buy me a helmet. We went to a nearby bike shop, and the lady there showed me two helmets...a blue one with clouds on it, and the one that I ended up buying, which was yellow with a lot of crayon drawings on it. When she offered the two helmets, I was in fact the one that picked it out for myself.

Once this was taken care of (Safety first) Dad had to find time to install the seat. Luckily, he only had to install it once, because it's designed so that the mounting bar stays on the bike, and the seat can just be mounted and unmounted whenever you want to.

As you can plainly see, I was a bit impatient about getting on the bike, and insisted on wearing the helmet around the house...I hope they got the hint that I was excited...
Finally the day had come...the seat was installed, Mom and Dad were both home at the same time, and we all went down to the bike depot. First off, how come no one has ever told me about this place in our building? I mean...there are like 50 bikes, all parked in the same spot! There were even little kid bikes that I got to look at while Dad unlocked his bike...I was very good, and managed to stay in one spot, and not run off while Dad was unlocking the bike.

Once unlocked, he sat me down in my seat, buckled me in, and we were ready to go!
Here I am testing out the bell to make sure it was in good working order...Dad put me in charge of the bell, and I had to ring it whenever we passed someone on the trail to let them know that we were passing them. (Safety first!)

Dad and I took a test spin while Mom took pictures...

After the test run was so successful, Mom went off to do her thing, while Dad and I continued our ride. We stayed on sidewalks and crosswalks to keep away from traffic, and rode most of the time on the Capital Crescent Trail, which Dad often takes to work. It's right behind our building, and is a gorgeous was a rails to trails project (Old train tracks are re-purposed into bike trails) and most of it was in the woods. We got to see lots of people jogging, lots of other people on bikes, and lots of doggies!

Dad let me help him steer, though he politely declined my offer to steer on my own. Eh...maybe next time. I did so enjoy the wind in my face, and loved all of the sights and smells that made up the was so peaceful, and so much fun...Dad and I have already gone a second time, and I can't wait to do it again!

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