Monday, September 13, 2010


So...I don't know if you could tell by my somewhat excited heading, but Dad and I went to the Zoo...and they finished the new elephant habitat!

The elephants will soon also have a new state of the art building to live in, but for now they have a new state of the art yard to play in!!!

This thing is huge! I have seen sneak peaks of it when we would go to the bird house (The bridge in the pic above leads to the huge bird habitat) and it is really amazing. There is a huge yard with water and open space for the elephants to play in and they have lots of room to move around. The zookeeper had the elephants doing stuff to entertain us a bit while we watched, and then they just let them walk around and do their thing. A couple times, the youngest elephant went running, and I was shocked at how fast something so big could move!

Dad was kind enough to hoist me up (He's so nice to do so much hoisting so often) so I could see the elephants (Which I referred to as "Ell-fents"...I'm still working on that one...) We went on the bridge to get a better look, and it was such a cool experience to see them walking around like they would be in the wild, instead of confined to tiny cages. This is such a great zoo!

We also walked around and got to see a few other things...the otters were a fav, but we couldn't get any pictures this time, those sly devils...we also got to see one of the panda bears lazing around in his enclosure...

Those pandas are super neat! He was watching us watch him, and seemed pretty interested. I really enjoyed seeing him outside. All the other times I have seen the pandas have been inside their indoor habitat, so this was a fun change of pace!

Another successful trip to the zoo! And a nap quickly followed it. (What else is new!? Dad told me that he managed to get me out of the car, change my diaper, and put me in my crib without me stirring...Now THAT is a nap!)

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