Saturday, September 11, 2010

Testing out the "Washable" part of Crayola's Washable Crayons

So, Mom was doing something in the front hallways bathroom, and obviously I was interested! I mean, anytime Mom or Dad (Or anyone for that matter) is doing something in a room I'm not supposed to go in, I automatically assume that it's super-interesting. So I want to get in there!
Mom closed the door behind her, and I wanted to get in, but she naturally refused...

But what others would see as an obstacle, I saw as opportunity. And it was right in front of me the whole time. This big white door in front of me, gazing back at me like a blank canvas, begging to be somethinged...crayons laying all around me...

So yeah....I did what any kid would've done in that situation...I started drawing! I picked orange (One of my favorites) and started saying "Drawing....draw....draw...." Mom heard me through the door, and put a pretty swift end to it.

Mom and I had a serious discussion about how I'm only supposed to draw on paper....she made some valid points, and I think for now my Banksy days are behind me.

I heard her and Dad talking about discussing "Making sure all the crayons are accounted for."

I do hate limitations on my art...and really, how can you be mad at this face?

EDIT: I have to add a PS here that the crayon came right off nice and easy with a moist paper towel that Dad used to wipe it off...The "Washable" is true....What will science think of next?

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Gramma Mindy said...

Oh dear. I take some of the blame for trying to teach you to hold the crayon down and make a long mark rather than just short dots and slashes. But you would have learned soon anyway.