Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maine Bookends...

Sorry it's been awhile....such a long, lovely vacation (but still somehow too short) and so many pictures to go many stories to tell...It's a biggun, I must say...It'll arrive soon, though. I promise!

To tide you over until my big epic Maine post, here is a quicky from my swing through Connecticut...

Whenever Mom and Dad head up to Maine, (most times) they cut the trip in half by having a stop-over in Connecticut. It breaks up the trip, and makes the drive a bit easier, while also allowing them to have a quick family visit...such was the case on this trip. The weekend we drove up, we got to see some people (I got to see lots of people while Mom and Dad did wedding stuff for my Dad's friend) and on the drive back, we got to stay over at Gramma Debbie's. As always, she had Pooh and Eeyore waiting for me (and introduced me to that little Snoopy blanket)

As I was getting ready for bed, I gave Eeyore a kiss goodnight...and then jumped right out of bed to play some more. :-) Sometimes I get so excited about being up and playing, that I conveniently forget that it's bedtime.

It's always nice getting a quick visit in whenever I up...MAINE 2010!

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