Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Floor Food!

While I'm away for the week enjoying Houlton, Maine...I figured I'd give you guys another random glimpse into my life to tide you over until I return with my epic vacation post...

Dad caught a shot of me unabashedly enjoying "Floor Food" No, it's not some clever's exactly what it sounds's food I drop on the floor and happily gobble up (sometimes a few hours after I drop it there)

Now don't get me wrong....our place isn't a hideous mess of food everywhere (though I wish it were) Whenever I drop stuff like meatballs, and corn and what-not, it's cleaned up pretty fast, but when I drop cereal or crackers, sometimes I manage to hide it in a place that I can get back to later for an impromptu snack.

Most of the time, they manage to clean it all up, but there are those moments I live for when I can savor a snack that I have squirreled away, and there's nothing they can do about it! And sometimes, like in the picture above, it's just a case of me spilling some food, and happily eating it off of the floor. Don't worry, Dad is usually pretty good about vacuuming, so the food is not really in any danger of being all that gross. Plus, cereal and crackers are pretty good at repelling gross stuff.

Thus, floor food was born. Mom and Dad aren't thrilled with it (and probably won't be super-excited that I am sharing it) but this is a warts-and-all blog, folks. I know you can handle it.

Hi...I'm Samuel Pellegrino-Grant, and I sometimes enjoy floor food....

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