Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gramma Mindy's July 2010 Visit!

Recently, we were treated to another visit from Gramma Mindy! As always, it was lots of fun for me, and also Mom and Dad got to have a bit of a break!

They got to go out and see a movie (Despicable Me, which they enjoyed despite having seen it in 2-D...they promised that once I'm old enough, I can see it too!) and even go out for a walk or two while Gramma Mindy held down the fort.

I got to see where Mom got her awesome cooking skills when Gramma Mindy did a bunch of cooking while she was here...she definitely earned her keep at The Pellegrino-Grant Inn....She made a SUPER tasty Eggplant Parmesan which I LOVED (and which even Dad, picky as he is, liked.)

We had a lot of fun throughout the week. We went to see a great exhibit on Norman Rockwell at one of the Smithsonian Museums which was fun, and afterward I got to run around the museum's atrium for awhile.

I also got to play some great games with Gramma Mindy. My favorite was "Ring Around The Rosie" Gramma Mindy, Teddy and I played this game a lot. I refer to it as "All Fall Down" but everyone knows what I mean when I say it...

We spin around and around...

And we're waiting for the best part of the song...

When we all fall down! And we laugh and laugh! Since then, I have also played this game with Mom and Dad, and they enjoy it almost as much as do. We laugh and laugh, and have such a great time.

Another great visit was had, and as I wished Gramma Mindy farewell, I was told that we'd be spending almost a week with her up at the cabin in Maine. I went there for the first time last year, and now I get to go when I can run around and really get into trouble...uhm, I mean have fun.

So yeah...the blog will be pretty quiet this week while we're away on vacation, but expect a full recap when I get back. We'll all be well-rested, and rearing to go, so you probably won't even have to wait that long for the blog post!

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