Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun at Daycare!

We do some fun stuff at daycare! I spend Monday through Wednesday there, and not only are the kids lots of fun, but the grown-ups that watch me are pretty great, too! We learn a lot, but still manage to balance it out and have lots of fun.

They like to do fun stuff around the daycare that changes all the time so that we don't ever get for example, there are different notes posted around with our birthdays written on them...sometimes they are themed like leaves for Fall, or they are just fun shapes like one of my favorites...balloons

Other times they do fun, yet mildly weird, stuff like this:

It looks like I'm wearing those clothes, and I get an idea of what I'd look like if I were much taller! Awesome boots, by the way...the suspenders make me feel like a farmer. Dad keeps telling me that he's "bringing suspenders back" Yeah Dad, I'll believe it when I see it...

Below is a picture of the door to my little cubby. There is where they keep all my stuff like extra clothes for waterplay (Or little accidents I might have) sunscreen, my lunch bag when I'm done with it, etc. How funny is this picture? My name is right on there so I know it's mine, and my picture is on there so that people know that I am happy, and adorable.

I have to say...Children in the Shoe Daycare? Two thumbs WAY up. Always something fun going on!


Stephanie said...

LOL i love the pictures at daycare....too cute...the tall Sam is def. different!

cab3s said...

It's great that they have so much fun!