Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Haircut!

So, Friday's haircut was kind of an adventure!

After aborting the last attempt to tame this mop because our car was leaking gasoline (yeah....dramatic) Dad and I went out there again. Because my hair grew back so fast the last time, Mom and Dad agreed to cut it a bit shorter, though it did end up a bit shorter than anyone had expected.

Once again, the patient geniuses at Cartoon Cuts went to work cutting while I got to watch a lot of Elmo videos! She did a great job, and remarked at how still I sat, and how I just watched TV and laughed while she cut yelling from me at all!

Afterward, they gave me a balloon, and Dad let me give the tip to the lady that cut my hair (though it took a bit of convincing...I mean, there was my hand)

We went outside the salon, and saw that they were having some kind of event with numerous tables and fun things to do. There was a few people from a kid's play group doing a bunch of dances to some songs they were playing. They had face painting, and little girls were having their nails done...but by far the coolest thing was the man making balloon animals...and balloon hats....and all other kinds of fun shapes.

The guy had such a great sense of humor, and it was so much fun to watch him make other shapes for other kids...he made ducks in a pond (Which he was kind of tired of by the time I got up there) and swords, and a really cool fishing pole...Above, you can see him starting the pond with the blue balloon, while the woman holds the completed duck on the left.

When it was my turn to pick a shape, Dad looked at the list that the guy could make, and asked if I wanted a hat because he thought that I would get a kick out of it. I looked at the pictures, and thought that a hat might be I said yes...he gave me a choice between Elmo and a frog....Elmo looked really cool, and it looked just like him, so I HAD to choose that one (Sorry Mom) ...

The guy made the balloon hat, and was so funny while he was making it. He measured Dad's head and proclaimed it too small (HA!) and cracked a few other zingers. He was just so full of energy and was in such a great mood. Watching him twist those balloons into shapes that I recognized was just mind-blowing. By the time he was done, I had myself an Elmo hat made of balloons!

This is me checking out my new hat in the car's mirror. It is too cute! I LOVE it!

And here is a better view of it that Dad took so you could get an idea of how great this balloon hat was:

And for the three people in the world who have no idea what Elmo looks's a shot so you can compare the balloon version with the real one...pretty good, right!?

After he was done I said "Thank You" (Or my version of it) and we headed home. Dad had to stop at the Urgent Care clinic to pick up some test results, and while we there, not only did we get to watch a little bit of Bambi, but they gave me YET ANOTHER balloon! So, I had a white balloon from the salon, a blue balloon that floated from the Urgent Care AND I had three balloons fashioned into Elmo's head! It was a VERY balloony day!

Yet another great day, and a drastically different new haircut...I definitely think we won't go as short next time, but I'm obviously still pretty happy with it!

I'm also digging my emo bed-head. It brushes down pretty neatly, but has this funny look after I take my nap.

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Gramma Mindy said...

Every time I look at the bed-head picture I see Poppy. I guess some of my genes did pass down.