Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Further Adventures of Sam....

I know the blog has been quiet for a couple weeks, but the family has been dealing with a bit of illness that sidelined us, not only from blogging, but from doing anything that was really blog-worthy. :-)

First I was sick enough to be out of daycare for three days (Dad stayed home with me one day, Mom stayed home the next two days) Mom then fell ill with a pretty serious case of strep throat. She had to stay home from work for a few days, Dad is fighting off some kind of cold, which he hopes is just due to the change in seasons...

Last night, I got to hang out with of Mom's friends from back in the day...he played with me and the piano, in addition to singing along to me plucking away at the guitar (which I now refer to as a "Togo") It was a lot of fun, and we all went out for a walk together. Mom and Adam got to catch up, while Dad chased me around the fountains and the area outside the hotels up near the Metro. Then all three of us headed back in because the rain was creeping towards us. We got inside just in time! All of us got to play for a little while longer until Adam had to go off to meet a friend for dinner. Nice to meet you, Adam! Hope to see you again soon!

And to all my blog fans...I'm still out here...I'm recovered, and ready to have even more adventures!

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