Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Fall Visit From Gramma Mindy!

Once again, we had a visit! Gramma Mindy used her Columbus Day Holiday to drop by and see us!

We got to go to the train station for the second time in a week (Last time was to pick up Mom after a business trip) and I got to have pizza, pasta and meatballs at Sbarro in the train station. (Mom and Dad insist that there is better Italian food out there, but for a quick service joint in a train station, it's not half bad!)

Unfortunately, Mom was battling another illness, and Gramma Mindy spent a lot of time chasing me around and making dinner for everyone while Mom was sick. She, however, seems to enjoy any time she gets to spend with me, so it wasn't all bad. :-)

Mom and Dad got to go to the movies one night while Mom was still feeling up to it, and Gramma Mindy and I got to hang out. She sang me songs, and we got to lay down on the big bed together and hang out while I drifted off to sleep. It was cozy, and lots of fun.

We all got to hang out and I showed everyone how I played the piano and the guitar...

Also, Gramma Mindy found a card set that she had bought for me, and that ended up in some random box...It had a lot of faces drawn on them. They're designed to help you see and learn about differences in the faces (Some were happy, some were sad, some had purple glasses, and some had red glasses...some had no glasses, etc) The cards were fun to learn with, but also fun to bend and throw around.

Alas, all visits must end, and Monday saw us sending Gramma Mindy back off to the train station. I get to see her again in November, so THAT'S pretty exciting. It was great to see you, Gramma Mindy!


Gramma Mindy said...

It was great to see you too, love. You have another new cousin, too...really a second cousin. Mommy's cousin Mark and wife Laurie had a baby. His name is Hank.

The Dot said...

Thanks for the heads-up! Yeah, Mom and Dad showed me the pictures...I welcome Hank with open arms! You all know how I love babies! I didn't make a specific posting, since I like to get permission first. But he IS a cute lil baby. :-)