Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Visit From JustRichy!

Now that I'm feeling a little better, I can catch up on the blog a bit. I feel like I'm always catching up with something or other...hopefully it's just like that when I'm a toddler, and that the trend doesn't continue into adulthood. It must get better.


But I digress....A few weeks ago, we were graced with a visit from JustRichy! He had a few days off in a row, and chose to spend it hanging out with us! How cool is THAT!?

We all got to hang out a lot...Mom, Dad and JustRichy got to have dinner together, and Dad and JustRichy even went down to the playground together!

I got to show JustRichy the slide I go down with we are at the top....

And here we are at the bottom! Wheeee!

It's a pretty steep slide, so Dad or JustRichy were kind enough to offer me a hand on the way down.

JustRichy also was kind enough to put me on his shoulders and let me slide back on forth on this bar with a wheeled handle. It was really neat! And TONS of fun!

JustRichy came up into the top of the slide setup with me to listen to me playing the chimes that are up there. Mostly I bang around on them a lot, but in the midst of the cacophony, there are a few melodies that escape.

He also chased me around the fire engine that you can either drive, hang on monkey bars, or go down a little slide. Again...too much fun! It's my favorite spot on the playground, since I can run around it without too much help from anyone. Sometimes, I have someone hold me while I cross the monkey bars. It is awesome.

I was sad when JustRichy left, but it's always fun to be able to have some time with him whenever I can! Just last night, I pulled out the blankets and stuff that Mom and Dad had used to make him a bed and said "Richy's bed?"

Can you tell I miss him?

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