Saturday, July 7, 2012

A WILD Birthday Party!!

One of my friend's had a birthday party a couple weeks ago, and it was VERY...VERY cool.

The party was at his house, and they had a nice lady come by that brought a bunch of animals with her! She told us a little bit about the animals, and she also let us touch and play with them! (Gently, of course)

She let us hold a very fluffy bunny that I REALLY enjoyed meeting...he was very calm, and seemed to enjoy playing with all of us...
We got a more close-up view of a duck than I had ever gotten thanks to this nice lady...I was pretty excited to show off my quacking skills, and I must say, the duck seemed pretty impressed. I felt pretty good about it.
We put on a heavy glove to prevent getting scratched by the cockatiel. It was a very sweet bird, and we were told that he sometimes talked, but I think he was feeling pretty shy towards us, so he was pretty quiet that day. But it was still very cool to get to hold him...

Next up...a lizard! He was a lot smoother and dryer than I imagined...I figured he'd be all slimy, but he felt very nice, and I liked getting to hold him. Another very calm customer...
What is an animal day without snakes! There were two was a little fatter, and we all got to hold him...
One was kind of long and slithery, and I got to put him around my shoulders....they were both very nice, and didn't do anything sketchy and mean...I was impressed with their professionalism.
Even though the party was focused on the animals, we still had time to play with some of the toys my friend had in his back yard, which was cool. He had this neat construction toy that had pretend dirt and diggers. It was pretty cool.
And of course, how could the day be complete without some cupcakes to finish off the party, am I right!? Delicious offerings as always!
Me and my friends also got to go downstairs and play with my friend's drum was loud and just as awesome as I had hoped!
My friend's brother played a little mini concert in the back yard full of great songs that kids would like...he had us singing along and was SOOOOO much fun!
We got to do a lot of running around, socializing with friends, and having some great food...but to finish off the day, we all got to line up and see just how big that one snake was...the answer: Pretty darn big! A unique, and very fun birthday party!

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