Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello Everyone! Happy Easter to you all!!

Sorry I didn't get to see you all this year, but know that we were all thinking of you, and missed you greatly!

Today Mom and I celebrated Easter Mass, (Dad couldn't, because he had to work) during which I had a spectacular tantrum...she even brought along books and stuff to entertain me, but I wasn't having it...I just wasn't interested. So I had one of my new patented toddler rants...I just wasn't in the mood to be quiet, and I guess you're supposed to be quiet at mass...ergo, I didn't want to be at mass.

Later on, when Dad got home from work, Mom showed me the Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had brought along during the night.

I was told that more information about this nighttime visitor (who has somehow obtained permission to blatantly trespass and leave candy and treats around our apartment) is forthcoming.

The flowers are from Dad...he got them to pretty up the apartment, since Easter is one of Mom's favorite holidays, and we couldn't get home to our Connecticut family because Mom and Dad had prior commitments in Washington, DC. Mom really enjoyed the flowers, and they smelled very pretty.Even though I was concerned about the Easter Bunny and his suspicious visit, Mom and Dad told me that within the Easter baskets was candy for me, too!

Now, I have never had candy before, and we figured that this was as good a time as any to give it a shot. Above is me trying out jelly beans for the first time. Obviously I was leery of the new taste, but as I really got used to it, I enjoyed them, and really liked the sweet taste...the only one I didn't like was the lemon one...I mean, why would someone do that to themselves?

It was a cool texture, and I liked chewing it, except for when the jelly beans got stuck in my teeth. Dad laughed at me when I tried to get it out.

Next up was some Cadbury Eggs (Not the cream eggs, but the ones with the hard shell) the chocolate was delicious, and the contrast between the crunchy shell and the soft milk chocolate inside was just wonderful.

For all the nervous nellies out there, Mom and Dad broke the candy and jelly beans into smaller pieces so I wouldn't choke.

As the time wore on, the sugar took its desired effect and I felt like I could rule the world! I was running around with renewed vigor, wrestling with Dad, and chasing Mom around with my balloon (GOD, I LOVE saying the word "balloon"...I mean, it just rolls off the lips...balloon...balla balla balla balloooooon! Balloon! Right? Am I right? YEAH, I'm right!)

Hm...maybe I should cut down on the sugar a bit...

Weeeeeelllll...maybe just one more jellybean...

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