Sunday, April 11, 2010

My socks...

Well...this weekend, I'm off to Connecticut for a few days! Mom has a bridal shower to go to (My second cousin Beth...I think that's how it works...I don't really get how the first, second, and "removed" stuff works...only that I shouldn't date a first cousin...) I get to see both Gramma's, and maybe some Uncles....I'm pretty excited. I think Auntie Steph is working, so I'll miss her on this trip...

To tide you over, here's an older post I never got around to regards my socks.

Now, over the months, a boy has many toys, many books, many things to entertain, enrich, and distract him while he's hanging out, or traveling...

But none have been so good to me, and so ripe with entertainment, than my socks.

Socks are there to keep your feet warm, and dry....yeah, but c' much fun are these things?!

And they're always around! No matter what toys Mom and Dad bring along, (or forget to bring along,) I ALWAYS have socks on!

I have used them in the car to entertain me for HOURS....Mom and Dad would always be amused at how quickly I pulled them off, and began playing with them. And they were so multi-faceted! I could nuzzle them, because they were so soft...or suck on them, or wave them around in a show of victory once I got them off. They were just TOO much fun.

I'd play with them in my high chair while I was waiting for my dinner...

And as you can see, I was always VERY amused when I finally pulled them off!

Heck, I would even play with them when I was getting my diaper changed! I mean, you gotta have something to do when you're just laying there with your business all dangling around for the whole world to see!

As you can tell, these are older pictures since my room isn't painted, and my hair is kind of shaggy...but I figured that between my traveling, and Dad writing yet another screenplay during the month of April, you guys wouldn't mind me digging into the archives a little bit...I didn't want you guys missing me TOO much. :-)

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