Thursday, April 8, 2010

A NYC Addendum

So, I forgot to mention in my New York City blog post last week, that the hotel room had, by far, the COOLEST feature EVER...

Sam-Height Windows.

Now, Mom and Dad are always joking around about things that are "Angela-Sized" and at "Angela-Height" since Mom is not the tallest of Moms....and there are obviously things even lower that are "Sam-Height"

Well, I LOVE looking windows at the world around me....(if you read the blog, you know this) there's just something about being able to see the world that way, from way up above that really gets me all excited. Something about looking out onto the world and seeing the big picture that way makes everything come into focus a little bit better, you know?

(And also, people are usually much smaller-looking, giving me the easy advantage for a change)

Usually, Mom or Dad (Or some other kind soul) has to hold me up so I can see out the window...but not in THIS could just stand there, and look down out onto Manhattan! It was SUCH a beautiful view! It was a gorgeous day out, so you could see for miles. We were right across from the office building of "The New Yorker" which got Dad all excited.

Me? I was excited that the people below me were so darn small, and that no one had to hold me up to see them!

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