Monday, February 17, 2014

Christmas 2013 in Connecticut!!

Hello people, and Happy belated 2014 to you all!

It's been a busy January thus far in the P-G household, and I am only now just getting into the updates for life as we are living it! So...After taking January (OK...and part of February) off, it's time to get back into blogging, people!

It was a great holiday season...As usual, we spent some time with lots of different members of our family. Lots of traveling, lots of running around, but it was all wonderful. I really enjoy seeing my cousins, and other members of my family at the holidays.

The biggest news, of course, is that Santa came through. Even though it wasn't the exact cookie robot I wanted, Santa brought the next best thing!

It was something called "RoboKid". The box made him look REEEEALLY awesome, and when I unwrapped him, I was SO excited!
I couldn't stop looking at him through the front of the box. He had so many cool features! It said he danced, and played music, and shot foam discs out of his mouth! I mean, what more can you ask for?!
I couldn't help but hug the box, I was so excited! Thank you so much, Santa Claus!!
Even though that was coolest gift ever, I moved on to other stuff that I got. As always, my family was very generous, and I got lots of cool stuff!
I got some new stuff for my Thomas Trains...
Aunt Mallory and Uncle Mat* got me a Bullseye stuffed animal, so now Woody the Cowboy has someone to ride and have adventures with alongside Buzz Lightyear! How great is that? He looks JUST like the Bullseye in the movies. They knows what I like!

*Originally I had remembered this incorrectly and thought it was Gramma Mindy that got this for me...don't feel sad for her, though...she got me plenty of other awesome stuff. :-)
Once I finished opening most of my gifts, I simply HAD to pull RoboKid out of his box so I could see what he did.
Sure enough, I got a remote control with him, and he did everything I thought he would! He played his own songs, and danced to them....he fired pretend lazers from his hands, and yes....he did fire foam discs right from his mouth! This just be the most incredible toy I have ever had!!
More fun stuff awaited me at Gramma Debbie's. There were so many presents that there are still a few I haven't opened! Can you BELIEVE IT!?
I got a golf game that I haven't tried yet, but once the weather improves, I'm bringing it outside and giving it a shot!
One of the other big gifts I got recognize that pink box.
After scrutinizing the box thoroughly, I discovered that it was, in fact, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. Just like my Buzz and Woody, she was JUST like the ones in the Toy Story movies. She had yarn hair, and a cowgirl hat, and she talked to you just like Buzz and Woody. She fit right in
So, and great new gifts to add to the collection....what more could one ask for?
How about a gift-wrapped Sam?


Mallory said...

I'm so glad you love the Bullseye so much-- and not to take away from the awesomeness that is Grandma Mindy (cause she is super awesome)-- but uncle Mat and I got him for you because every good cowboy needs a horse.

The Dot said...

Sorry about that! So many presents make me confused sometimes. Everyone is so generous! Thanks for clarifying! :-)