Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Fifth Birthday Party With My Friends!

We are still playing catch up here from the tail end of last year....apologies as always. Dad gets busy in the early part of the year, and inevitably the blog gets neglected...but let's get to it!

For my fifth birthday, having never played the game before, I decided that I wanted a bowling party! It seemed like a good idea at the time!

So we found a place nearby that was a bowling alley, and also did parties...we invited a bunch of my friends, and got set up.
Mom was showing me some solid bowling moves, using this metal ramp to help me aim the ball (even the lightest balls are pretty heavy, so it was tough to pick it up and roll it down the lane)
But with Mom's help, I did OK!
It was pretty overwhelming. With all the lights and loud music, it was a little tough to concentrate and stay in a good mood...not really understanding the game, I would sometimes get upset, even when I was winning....it took awhile, but once I got everything straightened out, I had a great time!
All my friends were bowling up a storm! The parents seemed to have a great time helping us play, and even though it was a bit loud, there was a lot of music to enjoy.
For my first game ever, I really wasn't doing too bad!
After we got our bowling time in, they brought out my cake...yes, the Buzz Lightyear and alien candles made yet another appearance....what can I say!? They're my FAVORITE candles!!!
I made sure everyone stood back while they lit the candles...and everyone sang a wonderful rendition of 'Happy Birthday' as always!
I blew out the candles, and got them all out with the help of some of my friends...I do hope my wishes all come true! I would tell you whether or not they did, but I'm not 100% sure about the statute of limitations on telling the secret wish...
Check out these shoes! They are two different colors, and specially made for walking on the wood floors at the bowling alley!
Once we wrapped up the party, I slid right into playing a few games of air hockey with my friends...I had been eying the games the entire time we were there, and was SO excited to finally get to play...I was a little bit teary when we had to leave since I was truly overwhelmed...both by the love and generosity of my friends, but by the experience itself. Certainly a lot going on!

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