Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post Halloween....

Once again, due to my touring commitments, there has been a lag in the blog...but not anymore! I'm back again!

In my last post, we talked about Halloween...I hope you all had a great time, and that you ended up with all treats and no tricks (But let's face it...if you ended up with tricks, it's more than likely because you deserved it...am I right?)

Last time, we discussed my pre-Halloween party at daycare, and some of the cute clothes that I have been wearing to celebrate this most ghoulish of holidays...this time around, a brief glimpse at Halloween night itself!

Mom and Dad knew that this year would be a fairly low-key Halloween...usually they go off to some Halloween parties and hop around town, but with Halloween on a Saturday, they knew it'd be slim pickins for babysitters...

So what did they do? They decided to host their own low-key Halloween party..the goal? Stop on by our apartment on your way to bigger fancier bash, see me in my adddoooorrrable costume, have some snacks, and then be off on your merry way.

Mom and Dad got about half a dozen or so of their friends to swing by, and they had a very good time. Everyone got a kick out of me crawling around in my costume, and tearing apart the house.

Mom and Dad dressed up as Ma & Pa Kent, so that all three of us had a matching set of costumes...it was fun!
Mom got such a kick out of me sucking my thumb, and crawling around and doing baby stuff while wearing my Superman costume...it seemed like such a strange combination, that both her and Dad thought it was the funniest thing ever...

We had plenty of flying games, and people ate Mom's awesome cupcakes, bleu cheese and honey brochettes...she also made a great spiked apple cider...

All of this has been relayed to me by Dad, and while I can't eat any of that stuff now, I look very forward to trying it out, someday!

What a nice Halloween!! I'm so happy that it comes again next year!

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