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Welcome to my first Halloween, everyone! I hope everyone out there has a happy, and safe day! Today is my Dad's favorite holiday, and he has been celebrating throughout the month by watching some of his favorite scary movies, and a few new ones, too. He promises to share them with me, once I'm old enough!

Since it's such a fun holiday to get dressed up for, I have been outfitted in a myriad of adorable Halloween-related clothes! My Gramma Mindy bought me some stuff, and some pictures follow!

I had a few pairs of Halloween jammies, which I loved (Nothing beats a pumpkin on a baby's butt)

Though I enjoyed my jammies, as you can see below, I wasn't always when Mom is trying to take a picture of me looking cute when I'm not in the mood. Mom and Dad suggested that I put this picture up to show that I am indeed crabby sometimes...we can't all be perfect all the time. Life would get very dull.

I also loved my Jack-O-Lantern shirt, which I got a ton of mileage out of (I am actually wearing it again right now as I do this blog entry) As seen below, I also assisted with laundry (Mainly in an effort to get my Halloween clothes cleaned so I could wear them again)

Last, but not least, is my "boo" striped shirt. This is a lot of fun to wear because stripes make me look adorable, and I do so love the attention. I'm not adorable in everything. In this pic, you can get a good preview of the destruction that I have been wreaking, ever since I started crawling. More on that later.

AND I got to wear my first costume.

The suspense is over...I'm dressing up as Superman for my first Halloween! Mom had wanted me to be Superman, because she thought it would be so cute, but both Mom and Dad fell for an astronaut costume. They finally decided on that, but it was sold out. Dad went to a Halloween store, and found just the kind of costume Mom had wanted. Now, Mom and Dad get to dress up as Ma and Pa Kent, and I am Superman! (Technically, I'm Superbaby, but that's just pithy details...)

I also had my first Halloween party at daycare! We all got to dress up, and hang out. The grown-ups had food that they all brought in. They looked they were having as much fun as we were! There were some activities that the adults got to do, which was fun to watch. They had to share funny stories according to the number of M&Ms they pulled out of a bowl (Odd, I know...Dad was smart and only picked two....he told the funny tale of my looooong name, and the funny fact that he got to dress in what he was wearing to the party to work everyday, which was cargo pants and a t-shirt. He wore a Halloween t-shirt from a party that Mom and Dad went to years ago to join in the spirit of Halloween.)

Is this rambling enough yet? Let's get to some pictures!!

There was a second Superman there in addition to me, but I just decided that he was Bizarro Superman, and left it at that.

The daycare also took the older kids around in a parade throughout the office building that we're in, so they could show off their costumes, and safely trick or treat! I can't WAIT to do this when I get older!

I was sad, because Mom couldn't make it to the daycare party. She had to work, so Dad took me in by himself. He looked like he had fun, even though he was nervous about not really knowing anyone.

He also took a lot of pictures for Mom, so she could see what was going on.
He also talked to a lot of other people, and it all seemed to go well. The staff did a great job decorating, and setting up. It was a lot of fun to just hang out with them, instead of making them work to watch me.

Although, I did find time to try and get into the toy wall.

I made it all the way to the end of the party with my costume on and had SO much fun...we went to pick Mom up from work, and when she saw me in the costume, she somehow found a way to love me even more.

Or that's what I assume.

I was a bit exhausted from a pretty hardcore event with tons of people around, but I AM pretty used to it thanks to all the weddings and large events my parents take me to. I was exhausted and fell right to sleep last night...

Tonight is our small, low-key Warm Up Halloween party....and I'm sure you'll hear more about that tomorrow.

Safe trick-or-treating to all!

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