Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been trying lots of new food, with varying degrees of that Mom and Dad are part of this fruit and vegetable program (local farmers drop off a big haul of fruits and veggies at her job, and everyone takes some's far too complicated for a baby to understand.) I get to try lots of new stuff!

There are a few pics to accompany these trials and tribulations, but basically I'm working on some new squashes and eggplants, wheat pasta and sauce, and other great veggies. Mom insists that I have a more varied palette than Dad (who, as far as I can tell, only ate pizza and hot dogs growing up....he apparently used to have a more varied diet, until he get older and became ridiculous about eating)

On a side southern relatives have taken to calling me "AppleSauce" in reference to my middle name. Charming. I am now prepared for one of the possible nicknames I will have in school. 

I also tried some of those baby puffs that the kids are all raving about....they didn't go down so well with me. I'm not used to eating something so dry, so it kind of gagged me a bit. Dad nearly had a heart attack when I was gagging, since I also wasn't making any other noises.

Yeah, he thought I was choking. I finally made some noise after choking down the puff, but Dad swore them off for awhile. He was a bit terrified. 

As you can plainly see, I am not pleased by the puffs...they're supposed to dissolve quickly, but they didn't dissolve quickly enough for MY tastes.

Dad finally let me have puffs again a couple days ago, and it went much better. I have been testing my thumb and forefinger by picking up the puffs and transferring them to different sections in my high chair. Dad gave me a puff, which I crunched with my two lower teeth (Where the heck are my uppers!? I can't chew food with only the lower half working at full capacity!!) 

I then chewed up and swallowed the puffs....mission accomplished! Dad then gave me another puff, which I promptly spit out, and moved to another section of my highchair.

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