Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some of the biggest news yet...

Two weeks ago, I was in Connecticut for my Uncle Steve's wedding...I decided that, instead of letting people focus on Steve and my new aunt, I would throw down the gauntlet...

Now, for weeks I have been getting up to my knees and rocking back and forth....teasing the fact that I would try and crawl, but quickly fooling my parents and everyone else into thinking that I could possibly skip crawling and go right to walking.

No such luck, everyone!

While Mom was out of the room, there were a bunch of people sitting around the dinning room table: Dad, DaGramma, Gramma Mindy, my Uncle Steve, Lynette, Mrs. Dumas....and of course, the tuxedoed Monkey. They were playing with me, and watching me have fun scooting around the table...when I shocked them all my crawling right across the table!

I like to do things dramatically. :-)

Dad called Mom, and of course he pulled out the video camera to capture my second crawling adventure. Lynette was helping by watching my feet and providing back up, and you'll see that I crawl for a couple feet....after pitching forward, I continued using my patented army crawl technique to keep going after various items....the monkey, the soda cans. Everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, which was quite a lot.

At the end of it, I fell forward onto my face, and bonked my chin pretty good. The fun was over for the time being, and Mom took me away to recover.

Since then, I have been crawling a lot more, and pulling myself up to move around my crib in the morning. It's obviously a lot easier to crawl on the carpet, and we have hard wood floors at home. I don't get as much practice as I'd like, but I try to get some at daycare when I can, and at home on our carpeted spots.

I now wiggle and crawl everywhere, so watch out for me!!

Below is Dad's video....he was kind enough to edit out the part where I fall and cry.

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gayle said...

so precious! thanks for sharing