Monday, August 1, 2011


Since we had the time available to us, and it made the drive a bit easier to do it in stages, we stopped at Grandpa and Gramma Debbie's to hang out for a couple days before we journeyed north to our final wedding of the year. We arrived on Thursday and had a cookout on the grill (Which Dad botched spectacularly with the help of Grandpa and Uncle Steve.

Everyone on Dad's side of the family was there, and we had a great time. Braelynn is full-on walking now, which means that I get to chase after her and play with her to help with her walking skills.

Nicholas is crawling up a storm, and creeping towards being able to walk...but Braelynn is just off like a shot when I run away!

She also liked when I chased her around the yard. She ran away from me, giggling like crazy.

She was having such a great time, that she even let me hug her a bit...and after I did, she would push me, causing me to dramatically fall on the grass. (One time I shoved her down in return as a joke, but I forgot to clue her in on it, and she fell backwards, none too happy that I had pushed her....but she's a good sport, and jumped right back into playing with me again...)

After dinner, once we were inside, Nick and I played with some legos. He was really getting his hands in there and pulling out the pieces. Since he currently lacks both the coordination and the strength to actually put the blocks together, I decided that we would divide the labor, and he would pull out blocks for me, while I put them together. I thought it worked out quite well, actually...

I went to bed, and Mom, Dad, Uncle Steve and my (Second?) cousin Cynthia went out to see Harry Potter (Which they said was amazing) We all woke up the next day, had breakfast, and headed north to continue our journey....

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