Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Braelynn's First Birthday!

See! I TOLD you it'd be soon! Only a week later, we turned right back around (after having unpacked, and repacked on the same night) and returned to Connecticut to represent at my cousin Braelynn's first birthday party! (The picture above was stolen from Facebook by my Dad for reference, as Braelynn spent a lot of time sleeping while we were there...so we didn't get to take our own picture...she's very beautiful, though, right?!)

I know what that's like, trust me...I've had those days...especially at my own first birthday party, which was slightly overwhelming...

Now, just because the birthday girl was asleep, doesn't mean we had any less fun! There was still TONS of people to see, and stuff to do!

The little pool that I had all to myself last time, was a bit crowded with little ones this week, but that didn't stop me from hopping in and cooling off. (Somehow, I was the oldest kid there....how is THAT possible? I'm two and a half!!)

We also spent some more time playing baseball! Uncle Mike was VERY brave, and held the ball in his hand, making it MUCH easier to get a good hit off of it...look at that ball go!!!

I got to see Grandpa for awhile too...and we hung out, chatting it up while looking over some of Braelynn's birthday haul. (Yes, that's a water table that my Gramma Debbie got a great deal on! Braelynn is super lucky!!)

This weekend, we weren't limited to the little pool, as the big pool was finally ready for prime time! Uncle Mike helped me dip my fingers in to see if it was the right temperature for me, and it certainly was!

Soon enough, I had hopped in with Gramma Mindy, and cooled off like a big boy. (I'm still a little shy, thus the t-shirt, and water shoes...it's a habit? What can I say...)

Gramma Debbie came out to cool off a bit, but couldn't go into the pool since she had cut her hand a few days earlier. :-( Poor Gramma Debbie...it was nice to see her though! She was gracious enough to let me splash her, as long as I didn't get her bandage wet....I am happy to report that her hand is healing nicely, and NEXT TIME I'm getting her in that water with me!!

And what nice water it was! I got to splash around in my tube while Dumas and Lynette watched me...they were ALSO kind enough to let me splash them a bit (Though I suspect that they had ulterior motives, since it was pretty hot out, and I was cooling them off!)

As is typical with these events, I finished it off with a cupcake....oh how delicious it was...I hung out on the couch with Gramma Mindy, savoring the rich sweetness of it (Pink frosting, of course, as it's Braelynn's favorite color...or at least Auntie Steph HOPES it's her favorite color. ;-) ) and watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

What a fun party, with beautiful weather, and lots of nice people to hang out with...



Gramma Mindy said...

Can't wait to go swimming with you again in Maine.

The Dot said...

I can't wait either! I'm packing my bathing suit, so you better be ready for lots of swimming!