Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beardsley Zoo Family Trip!

A few weeks ago, Dad went back to Connecticut for a few days, and he received separate phone calls from both my Uncle Steve and Auntie Steph (They had not planned this, mind you) asking if Dad wanted to go with them to Beardsely Zoo for the day....so it became that Aunt Amy, Uncle Steve, Nicholas, Braelynn, Auntie Steph, Uncle Brian, and DaGramma all got together and went to the Zoo! Mom was stuck back home at work, and while we were bummed that she wasn't there (and she was bummed too...) we all still had a great time!

The Zoo has a really fun exhibit with Prairie Dogs that lets you go right up inside these little tubes to see them up close. There were so many Prairie Dogs, it was LOUSY with Prairie Dogs!

We also got to see Aunt Amy's favorite...the llamas. Why are they her favorite? Who knows...she's silly sometimes. :-)

Later, we saw a spot where a trainer was getting a few Otters to do some tricks for food. They were really cute, and Dad picked me up so I could get a good look at them.

Further down the road, we saw one of those dealies set up where you can stick your head through and get your picture taken....as you can see, there was much fun being had. :-)

I got to spend a lot of time with Da Gramma...she helped me get on top of an elephant statue, and watched me while I rode it...and she also pushed me around in my stroller a lot when I was feeling tired.

Also, she helped me feed some of the animals at the petting zoo. Oh...my...Gosh! Have you done this!? You should totally do this. It is so much fun to do! They let you buy these little pellets, and then you can hand them over to the animals, and they just lick your hand, and eat the pellets right out of your hand. It's a riot!

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to have animals eat out of your hands? Because it is...sooooo much. We also got to see other animals like bunnies, cows, and owls at the little kids zoo. Very cool.

I enjoyed having time to walk around with everyone, including my Auntie Steph, Uncle Steve, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Brian.

Later on, we found the carousel which is in a gorgeous old building...

Da Gramma bought us all tickets, and we rode like crazy! (I made it around about twice before getting upset, and making Dad hold me the rest of the way...) As you can see, Aunt Amy is having a great time....what a goof.

On the way out, we found one of those coin things that you could donate money to the zoo through. Donating felt nice enough, but couple that with the fact that you got to insert the money in and watch it spin around faster and faster until it finally dropped into the bin in the bottom, and it's pretty awesome to see it happen.

After we finished up at the zoo, we went to Thomlinson's....an old Hot Dog/Burger Joint near the zoo that Dad's family has been going to for decades....it was all very tasty, and rounded out a simply fabulous day! :-)

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