Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sorry about the movie detour....I was just SO excited and I simply HAD to tell you about it!!

Now...back to catching up...several weekends ago, after the BBQ at Grandpa and Gramma Debbie's, we sent Dad packing back home to DC, and I continued on so I could hang out at Gramma Mindy's place for a couple days!

We headed off to the splash park near Gramma Mindy's, which is one of my favorite things to do!

I don't know how much I've talked about this place, but it's basically a giant maze of pipes and fountains that you can run around and play in...if you figure out the pattern of the water, you can even tell what fountain is going to spray next!

We were lucky enough to have JustRichy come along for the ride, and he hung out with, he wasn't just a carefree observer....he hoisted up his pant legs, and got right in there with me!

We both did a lot of running around (Me a little more than him, but that's typical...I tend to run around a little more than most grown-ups) and enjoyed being cooled off during such a hot day!

I will admit, that it DID take me a little while to warm up to the splash park (as it does with most things) but once I was ready, there was no stopping me!

After we had had our fill of splashing about, JustRichy toweled me off, and we headed back to Gramma Mindy's...

Now, this is not to say that the fun ended once the splash park visit did...we also kept cool by hiding out inside at Gramma Mindy's...and what was waiting there for me...but PLAY-DOH!

They wisely set up a platter on the table so that I could mold my creations safely without fear of destroying any upholstery or carpeting...but even with that limitation, we had a ball!

(Note the cameo of Mom's old "Angela Stool" in the picture used to be Mom's when she was younger! How cool is THAT!?)

Gramma Mindy even took the time to make me a small Play-Doh Teddy Bear, who I fell in love with immediately. When we were done playing, we placed him gently into one of the containers, so that I could see him again someday....he was just adorable...
As with most things, JustRichy proved to be an awesome Play-Doh teammate. We had a lot of fun using lots of colors to make our sculptures. I hope to one day own one of those playsets like I've seen for sale online. You know, the ones that make crazy shapes out of the Play-Doh. I think they are called "Fun Factories".

What? You think I only use the internet for this blog? I check out toys all the time...mark my words.

Mark them! :-)

Later, JustRichy and I followed tradition and played the piano together...this time around, we changed it up, and I played two keyboards at once, much like the great prog rock keyboardists of the 70's and 80' was pretty amazing.

As always, a good time was had by all, with more to come, I'm sure!

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