Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, Mom got to go on another business trip again last weekend (Look at me almost all caught up!) so once again, Dad and I accompanied her, and as always, we had a splendid time!

We arrived on Thursday, and went directly to a branch of the New York Library....the group that Mom was meeting was there, so while Dad and I checked out the stacks, Mom met up with her group and touched base.

Once she was done, she was kind enough to walk around the library with me (And by "around the library, I mean up and down the awesome staircase)

We went up and down a few times, and once we were done, we set off from there to find a spot to have dinner.

We went back towards our hotel, and found a little Italian place directly across the street...Dad asked if this was where I wanted to eat, and I replied with an enthusiastic "yes!"

We sat down, and had some really good Italian food...I shared spaghetti and meatballs with Dad, and we all had some fried mozzarella sticks. It was a nice little family place, and Mom swears that we were one of the few groups that wasn't friends with the owner. It was like a sitcom, but in a good way...

Back at the hotel, we had a chance to explore our very nice was a bit small, but as always, I found the bed to be quite conducive to being bounced on.

Behind the bed was a really cool screen deal that opened and closed with a button next to the bed. It was cool to watch, and the lighting was very calming....

We also had a balcony with a gorgeous view of the Empire State building...

It was a little noisy out on the balcony, so we didn't spend a TON of time out there, but I enjoyed looking around, especially at the ornate carvings of cows over on the building across the street from our hotel...

OK...yeah, I know...those are actually carvings of lions, but I insisted for some time that they were cows, until Mom and Dad showed me the error of my ways, and convinced me that they were actually lions...Oh well, they were still really cool.

The next day, while Mom was at meetings throughout the morning, Dad and I went out on our own, and got breakfast at a little place just down the block. We also walked up to the big Times Square Toys R Us to try and find me a new pair of sunglasses (Mine were broken, most likely by me a few days earlier)

While we didn't find a new pair of sunglasses, I DID get to meet one of my heroes....SPIDERMAN! I don't have any pictures of the meeting, because they charged exorbitant fees to take pictures with him...however, he DID still take time to give me a high five, and shake my hand, which was VERY exciting!

We walked back to the hotel, met up with Mom, and hopped into the car to head back to Connecticut to visit with the fam for the weekend. Traffic was horrendous, and it was a record-breaking painful drive back to Connecticut...but it was worth the trip, as you will see in my next few posts!!

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