Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Visit To Wesleyan

A few weeks back, Mom, Dad and I went to Mom's college for her reunion. She tries to get back there as often as she can, but it has been some time since she's been over there. Obviously, that meant that we were pretty excited about getting up there again, no one more than me, since I don't recall ever having gotten up there before.

When we first arrived, I was asleep in the car, so Dad hung out with me while I got my nap in...however, that just meant that I was a ball of energy when I got up...

And I used every bit of the extra energy to enjoy running around the campus. It was a beautiful day outside (though it was a little too warm out) and so we spent a lot of time enjoying the nice weather.

We spent a lot of the day at Mom's fraternity house, where she had spent a lot of time at college, and has lots of friends. Many of them were very happy to see me, and I got to play with them a lot!

Our friend Rachel chased me around (even though I played a little hard to get) and her I had a wonderful time. She actually lives near us back home, but it had been some time since we had seen her.

I also got to see our friend Laura, who used to live in DC, but has since moved back to the Northeast. Her and Rachel got together and were tossing me back and forth in the main room of the house. I couldn't stop laughing, and every now and again I would escape and hide under Mom's legs. It was a riot.

Since Laura was dressed more conveniently for outdoor play (She was wearing pants instead of a dress) I convinced her to go with me outside and play for awhile...good times were had by all. I spent the next couple days wandering calling out, "Laura!? Laura!"

At one point as we were walking around campus to take care of a few things, we heard the beautiful sounds of bells from up above in a tower. As we heard it, we saw a man putting up a sign at the bottom of the steps leading to the building.

The sign was inviting people to walk up the steps of the small bell tower to visit the bell room where they play them. I actually walked by myself all the way up, until the last set of stairs, which was designed as a metal spiral staircase. That kind of sketched me out, so I had Dad pick me up for the last ten steps up. We entered a small room, and met the girl who was playing the bells using a device that looked a lot like a piano. She answered our questions, and played some more music for us while we watched. It was a unique experience, and I'm happy that we made the climb!
Since Dad had to make his way back home, Gramma Mindy helped Mom out with bringing me back and forth, so that Mom could balance out time that she spent with friends, with time that she spent with both her friends and me at the same time.

I met many interesting people, and got to see a lot of a very nice campus. Everyone was nice to me, and I appreciate their kindness. I hope we have a chance to get back there again soon!

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