Monday, March 19, 2012

Boys and Their Construction Toys....

And just when I wrote about the lack of snow...Spring apparently pounced on us a little early! The weather has been gorgeous and we really have been enjoying it as much as we can. Hopefully we'll get a bit more snow to play in next winter....regardless, we're all excited that the weather has perked up a's sunnier, warmer, and the days are longer. Earth is a funny little planet...

A few weeks ago, when the weather was warming up, but still a bit rainy, Dad and I got to go on a little adventure!

We had to bring something downtown for Mom at a work function, because she forgot it at home, and needed it for the function...we packed up, and drove on down to help her out.

Before we parked, I noticed that there were lots of cranes doing some construction work in a huge lot near where Mom was working...I asked Dad if we could stop there and look at the cranes work, and since he is also a little boy, he said yes right away!

We got out of the car and I got to run down the street singing "Singing in the Rain" with my umbrella (which I really use more as a prop than s method to keep myself dry in the rain) it was fun just walking from the car to the hotel where Mom's work conference was happening...
After we handed off the stuff, we walked over to the construction site....there was SO much to see, and a lot of cranes doing work. They were lifting things, and moving things, and doing such a cool job with it. They even lifted this huge thing that held a lot of cement so that they could lower it down into the deep deep pits and get the cement down there where it needed to be.
I walked right up to the fence with my umbrella, and watched the people working.

I got a really good view, and got to see lots of cranes all working at once on this huge project that they are calling "CityCenter"
I was a little concerned at all the noise, but there was no way you could pull me away from there! I was simply having too much fun!
The cranes were all working together on different tasks, and they looked really cool framed against the cloudy (and only slightly drizzly) sky...
We managed to get there when several shifts of workers were stopping to have lunch, so I asked Dad about that a lot...It was cool that some people packed their lunch, and other bought lunch from several food trucks that were set up on the construction site. Wow! Your very own food trucks! How cool is THAT!?
After staying and watching a lot of work getting done (even though it didn't look like a lot happened, since this was such an immense project) Dad and I crossed the street and had a nice lunch together at a little place downtown....he and I shared chicken strips and fries, and it was pretty good. A lovely time, indeed!

Within the next few days, there was yet ANOTHER instance of some cool construction work going on...this time in my own backyard! (Or in this case, on my roof!) The building we live in was having its air-conditioning system replaced...They had told us a week in advance about this work, so we were prepared for it, but nothing can quite get you ready to actually see that big old crane right outside your window!!
The picture below shows the old air conditioning unit getting carted was pretty old and rusty, so we were happy they replaced it with a brand-spanking new one! It looked great and I looked very forward to it keeping us cool this summer...
I was so excited to watch the crane lift the giant pieces of machinery in front of our window, and up on to our roof. We truly had front row seats! I can't even tell you how fun it was to be right there watching it all.
Above is a rare blog video, showing just how excited I was at being able to hang out by the window with Dad and watch them lifting this stuff up on to the was really REALLY cool! (Dad thought so, too...he wanted me to tell you all that)


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I love your "thinking" questions.

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As do I....there are many of them.