Saturday, April 28, 2012

My New Toy Storage!

In getting caught up, I figured I'd put out a post on some fine construction work that Dad and I have been up to in the past month or an effort to get my room looking a bit more presentable (and to have a bit more room to play in) Mom and Dad bought me a very cool storage unit from IKEA!

Of course, I helped Dad put it together...
I always get very excited at any opportunity to help Dad build or fix stuff, so I immediately grabbed my tool box, and started hammering away at the support pegs....then I grabbed my screw driver and helped to get the screws in place for the lower supports...
They're a bit tricky, so it took a little work, but Dad helped me with the final few turns of the screws by teaching me how to use the tiny allen wrench that they include in the box...for the record, since we have several pieces of IKEA furniture, we can now open an allen wrench store. Seriously...we have a lot of allen wrenches.
Luckily I am the perfect size to help Dad get into a bunch of places that he is simply too large to get into (Sorry's not a crack at your weight, it's just a simple matter of size versus the space you want that size to fit into)

I climbed in and made sure all the shelving slots were level...
And voila! We slid the bins into their rightful spots, and things suddenly became a lot more organized, easier to find, and much neater in my room! It also allowed for a bit more storage space for my huge collection of stuffed animals!
Dad went on the computer and printed out some cool labels so we would know where stuff would go when we put it away after a solid day of playing...he also included pictures for those of us that aren't quite reading yet (Namely me) so that it would be easy for me to find my stuff, and to put it away!

I think it came out pretty well...don't you!?

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