Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Big Boy Bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following along with the theme of my last posting, there has been a bit more construction here in the past month or so...I am speaking, of course, of the Grand Transition! My move from my crib of over three years into a brand new big boy bed! It was a big deal around here! Mom and Dad decided to let me take the lead on this, and waited until I started talking about making the move before they did it, and sure enough, I expressed an interest, and they made it happen!

Gramma Debbie chipped in and bought me my bed, which I picked out all by myself! We went out to IKEA, and I looked at all the options, and picked the one I found to be the most complimentary to our apartment, in addition to matching my personality...we shopped for all the parts, and I helped!

Well, sort of...

I even helped them put it in the car, which was loads of fun! (I also climbed around a bit when the mattress formed a little bunker in the back seat...which was more fun!)
Once we got home, we had to store the bed for a few days...once it was time to build, I helped Dad carry the boxes from the living room to my bedroom...
I really enjoy helping out so much! The below picture shows the slats that build the foundation under the mattress...we had actually forgotten this piece initially, which necessitated a return to the was all good though, since it meant we got to eat lunch there again!

Of course, no construction job is complete without my trusty toolbox!

Dad and I compared hammers, and once we did "Cheers", we were ready to go!
 He gave me the instructions (Which I refer to as "the map") and let me get started on the basic framing...
 He and I had some tight maneuvering to pull off, since the room wasn't really made for two beds, but we did it!
 Once the bed started coming together, it was really exciting to see it starting to look like the finished product I saw in the store!! where is my wrench? Ah! On the floor next to the flashlight...Obviously!  Where else would it be!?
 I worked on the headboard, which features a dog and cat looking at each other...I like animals, and I also like the idea of two beings from different backgrounds getting together, if only on my head board....I'm worldly that way.
 I made sure the dog wasn't going anywhere...he is such a pretty blue, that it would simply be a shame to not have him around...
 Dad let me put the little metal pieces that held the corners together in, and hold them down while he tightened them. Even though building the bed took about twice as long with me helping, Dad is always great about letting me take part!
 I hammered them in afterwards, just to make sure they were nice and stable...I was gonna be sleeping here, after all! Didn't want to take any chances! Plus, I hoped that I would have some grownups sitting on the edge of the bed telling me stories, so I wanted to make sure it was safe and inviting all around!
 One last double check, and I think we might be ready for the slats and the mattress!!
 Ahhhh....celebrating a hard day's work with a little rest (And testing out the bed, of course...)
 Sooooo cozy...I love it!
 Then came the part I wasn't quite ready for...I told Daddy that was excited to get to have two beds in my room now...but he broke the news that we were taking apart the crib because I didn't need it anymore. It was a bittersweet moment: I was happy to be growing up and moving on to my big boy bed, but at the same time, it's difficult because the crib was such a big part of my life...I was sad, but took one last moment to do something I never could when the crib was fully assembled: Get in and out of there of my own free will.

In the weeks since my new bed was made, I have utilized my new found ability to  get out of bed whenever I want and visit Mom and Dad early in the morning...usually long before they are ready to get up. :-)

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Great pictures of you helping!