Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Early 2012 Easter at Grandpa and Gramma Debbie's!!

We're getting caught up, folks! I'm only a month SamTime, that's actually not too bad, right?


So is typical, I had a nice deluxe Easter back in Connecticut, with my Dad's side  of the family, and one back home with Mom's side...let's get right to it!

Dad managed to time our trip to Connecticut a little while before Easter so that we didn't hit a lot of traffic, which was a nice way to get up to see the family...when we arrived we got to see everyone!

Auntie Steph and Braelynn were there, and so were Aunt Amy, Uncle Steve (who took several days off of work to hang out with Dad and I) and Nicholas. We were all at Grandma Debbie and Grandpa's together and it was super nice.
Everyone was really nice and got me a ton of Easter presents! Look at that cool Easter egg bag!? Neat, right? Not only did I get some delicious candy (some of which were hidden within some brightly colored plastic eggs to up the fun factor) but some neat little presents as well!
Gramma Debbie helped me open my Easter basket which had even more special treats in it. I can't even tell you how excited I was. Everything is blurry because when you give me a bunch of stuff wrapped in plastic, I go kind of crazy. It's just so much fun crinkly goodness!
Once I had torn through everything, I unwound by playing with Braelynn and Nicholas....they have some great toys, and are lots of fun! They are also great at sharing!
Later after we got a bit more comfortable, Braelynn, Nicholas and I ran around the house in our underthings for a little while, and then we played on the bed for a bit, wrestling and jumping around. We knew that it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt, and sure enough Braelynn and I clunked heads, and the fun and joy ended with both of us in tears. Eh, we had fun while it lasted, and we all knew it was going to end that way, right? :-) Good times...

Later, after we had all calmed down, the family engaged in the age-old tradition of dyeing Easter eggs. Apparently you hard boil some eggs and put them into colored water so that it changes the color of the eggs.
Gramma Mindy even joined us for our first Easter egg dyeing...she helped me a lot!
If you want, you could draw on the eggs with a special crayon that you can't see until you put the eggs in the dyeing solution. It was pretty cool!
Everyone pitched in, although I actually got pretty bored after doing my first two eggs. Ironically, once I ran off the adults had more fun than the kids dyeing eggs. It had been so many years since they had done it, that they just dove right in and had a blast! Adults sure are silly sometimes!
Here is a random sampling of the eggs...Dad, even though he hadn't dyed eggs in more than a couple decades, still went ahead and drew the symbol of his favorite band "Faith No More" on his egg. What a geek. Everyone made lovely eggs, and the color palette sure was something to behold!
Throughout the weekend, we had a lot more fun activities planned! We had a nice little low-key faux Easter's always fun to eat with my cousins!

....and before bedtime, Gramma Debbie helped me out with my somersault skills! She is a great somersault helper!

Before Dad and I went home, the weather perked up a bit, and we got to play outside. I brought my bat and ball just for the occasion!
I also discovered that in addition to his little kid-sized Dyson vacuum (Not pictured) Nicholas has a kid-sized lawn-mower....VERY cool stuff.
He was nice enough to let me play with it, and I got right to work!
Yet another fun-filled holiday weekend! Good times were had by all, and I looked very forward to doing it again in a few days back home!!

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