Friday, May 11, 2012

Official Easter! (Or, How many people can we get into our apartment!?)

Once back in Bethesda, we prepared for the arrival of not only Gramma Mindy, but also JustRichy and FutureAuntMallory. It was to be a very full house, and I was SO excited to have everyone there to spend the holiday with us and to visit for a few days.

There was A LOT of active play while they were here...we engaged in much pillow fighting...

I often lost, but I insist that it was because of my height, and not my skill level. Typically I gave as good as I got, until there were simply too many pillows to overcome the madness...
We all developed a game called "The Chocolate Factory" where I would act as the mechanism by which the "chocolate" (or in this case, pillows acting as a chocolate substitute) would be tossed on top of me while I agitated around and mixed it all up. It was SO much fun and SO chaotic. Two of my favorite things wrapped together into a game that simply had to be experienced to be believed.
FutureAuntMallory brought along my Uncle Mat's Oscar the Grouch t-shirt that I really liked.
He was wearing it in the pictures they sent out on their wedding Save The Date magnet...ever since then, I have been simply in love with it. I feel like the shirt should be bigger on me since it was made for a grown-up, but I guess this just means I am getting big. :-)

We thought it would be fun if we did a semi-reenactment of the save the date picture featuring me in my Uncle Mat's role. We posted it on Facebook, and received the expected excited response from him.

FutureAuntMallory also proved adept at playing lots of different games...not only did she pull off a solid helicopter noise for Harold the Helicopter (with accompanying silly face) she exerted more energy playing with me throughout the weekend  than I thought any human could actually have...

I approve of FutureAuntMallory in her bid to become CurrentAuntMallory.

Below is a picture of the nice outfit Mom convinced me to wear....since I wore the nice outfit, my compromise was that I would make whatever face I wanted for the picture....everyone wins!!

Aunt Mallory brought along what had to be the coolest Easter eggs ever...Gramma Mindy and her filled them with jelly beans, and they went along in a lovely way with the enormous and awesome Easter basket that Gramma Mindy brought down with her from Connecticut. (For some reason I do not have a picture of the lovely looking basket...I think I tore it apart to get to all the treats before anyone had time to take a picture of short, it was pretty darn spectacular!)

A very happy belated Easter, everyone!!!

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Gramma Mindy said...

Happy Belated Easter to you. I hope I can say Happy Memorial Day soon and in person.