Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Fourth Birthday! (Connecticut Edition)

My fourth birthday! Where has the time gone!??!

I was excited this year because Dad joined us for my birthday, having taken the day off to come up to Connecticut!

Uncle Mat and Aunt Mallory went nuts! They bought so much cool stuff for my party! It was a Spiderman theme, and they bought a huge banner with Spiderman (and a big number 4) on it!
They also bought me some AMAZING and ENORMOUS! Balloons! This thrilled me to no end, since I love balloons!
Not only did they get me some cool balloons, but they apparently bought them at a store that sold the strongest balloons EVER. We took these back to Maryland, and they lasted for more than a month after the party!
They also bought me a cake with balloons (one of my favorite things) and a Spiderman candle! (one of my other favorite things!) Uncle Mat and Aunt Mallory are THE BEST!
Lots of my family and friends came to the party! There was lots of good food (Not just cake) to eat, and tons of merriment to be had...
My cousin Hank and I gave a brief reprise of our dance number from Thanksgiving, but mostly I just socialized, opened some presents, and enjoyed everyone's company....
Everyone seemed to have fun, and nothing beats having a birthday party right after Christmas...everything is always so wonderfully decorated. :-)

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