Monday, March 11, 2013

My Fourth Birthday! (Maryland Edition)

Back in Maryland, we had a party for my birthday that I invited all my friends from school to!

We went to the Imagination Stage's production of Seussical The Musical! Mom, Dad, and I had already seen it once, and we thought it would be great fun to take a bunch of friends to see it, too!

 We all got seats up in the balcony, and I got to sit with my friends...they all had a great time! A lot of them hadn't been to see a play before, and I was happy that their first one was such a great experience!

After the show was over, we went to a party room that the theater had for us, and got to have some lunch...

 Mom  and Dad did all the decorations themselves (It was a Dr. Seuss theme!) and Mom actually made some really cool things for the goodie bags, including replicas of the clover that Horton uses in the play! It looked JUST like the one onstage, and my friends LOVED them! Great job, Mom!

I designed the cake was delicious and made your mouth red, which was so funny!

My friends sang happy birthday to me, and then we all got to partake in this delicious cake! (WHAT!? Partake and cake?! This Dr. Seuss theme is making me rhyme!)
There was, of course, some silliness, lots of running around, and even a little bit of dancing....
On our way out, after all my friends had made their way home, I had a few quiet moments with Mom, Dad, and a balloon from the party...I played with the interactive bubble projection wall for a moment...savoring the last few minutes of an awesome party....

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