Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Celebrating Christmas In Connecticut 2012!!

Whoops! Did I skip over Christmas in Connecticut entirely? Well...that'll happen to you when you're trying to do recaps from over 4 months ago....What better way to celebrate the coming of Spring...than to finish off my long-ago recap from the holidays at the end of last year! Looking at all these photos brings back so many memories...

Gosh, I miss Christmas...

Holidays mean so many things to so many people, and to me they mean getting to see my family! (In addition to all the other crazy stuff you get to do during the holidays!) And BOY did I see a lot of people!

We left Dad back in Maryland for a few days, while we went up to Connecticut early...Gramma Mindy's house was decorated so nicely for Christmas...

We went for a lovely walk in Grandma Mindy's neighborhood - We got to go over a cool bridge! Here is a shot of me warning Gramma Mindy to be very careful. I was worried about her falling, and wanted to make sure she stayed safe.

Past the bridge, we got a really nice vantage point to look out at the marsh - We saw a lot of really cool birds, which was nice!
We went to my Great Aunt Penny and Great Uncle Peter's for Christmas Eve - I got to hang out watching Christmas shows with my 2nd cousin Hank.He and I cozied right up in the chair, and even had some room left for Monkey!
Things livened up a bit when they pulled out the microphone. Hank and Aunt Mallory joined me for some singing, and we also pulled out some toy cars, because what goes goes better with singing than toy cars?!
EASILY the best gift of the night - talking Mater! He lights up when you push buttons on him, and says a bunch of stuff that I assume is from the Cars movie. I still haven't gotten a chance to see that movie yet!!
Christmas morning at Grandma Mindy's - so many action figures! Big action figures! Small action figures! Some had little toy weapons, some talked, and some you had to talk for. They were very cool, and it was nice to have such a crazy variety of action figures to play with. Richie was of course a bit jealous, so I let him play with me. He is pretty good at playing action figures!
JustRichy's present - A color-it-yourself spaceship! Aunt Mallory joined it and helped me get started on coloring this massively awesome spaceship! I was able to climb right in it!!!
It was really so much fun!
Look! Mommy fits in the spaceship! We can both climb in and be space people together!
We drove the spaceship, and took it to far off worlds...many of which looked like Gramma Mindy's kitchen. With a little imagination, however, things looked pretty spacey...
Christmas morning - hanging out with 2nd cousins Molly and Kaylee. We got to do a lot of visiting while we were in Connecticut, and I don't get to see them very often, so it was nice. They were pretty cool. :-)
We also had a late Christmas at Grandma Debbie's, where I managed to snag even more presents from everyone over there. Lots of cool stuff, and tons of fun time with the family.
I took some time before we left to play with some of my birthday presents. What is a world without a hard hat? Not a world I want to be a part of, thankyouverymuch! Now I can use my tools a little more safely, and get some solid work done in and around our apartment!

Before we left, we also had a quick visit with my Dad's friends. We stopped by the Dumas' house for awhile. It had been ages since I had been there, and they were very nice! We had lots of snacks, and played for awhile.

They were also super nice in giving me even more was so generous of them! Our visit was brief, but we really made the most of it, enjoying lots of snacks and fun times before we headed out to see the Fantasy of Lights display out in New Haven...
Hot cocoa! What better way to warm up after a bunch of outdoor events, than to have hot cocoa at Gramma Mindy's...warm blankets, warm (not too hot) cocoa...what more could a boy ask for!?

What a great holiday...we did so much that it kind of makes sense for me to have spent months recapping it (or maybe that's just my excuse for taking months to recap it. :-)   )

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