Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Elephant Parade!

Late one night a couple weeks ago, Mom and Dad kept talking about an elephant parade. I thought they were a little nuts, but hey...I got to go on the Metro train, ride downtown past my bedtime, and hang out in the cold watching PBS shows on my Dad's phone...even if that was all I ended up doing, it was pretty cool...

It turns out my Mom and Dad were NOT crazy...the circus was in town, and to help promote it, they had a small parade from downtown through some of Washington, DC, and ending at the building that they held the circus at.

We waited for awhile (They were running late)and I was getting a bit cold and impatient...but when they finally showed up, it was TOTALLY worth the wait!

Here, you can see that they are wearing light up circus badges on their heads. There are also some pretty girls on the elephants that were waving at people.
It really was an elephant parade. They walked right in front of us, which was super neat. After having seen elephants on TV, and at the zoo, it was wild seeing them up close, and in the middle of the city like that.
There were also acrobats and clowns who waved at us, and did some fun little tricks...and then just like was all over! It was so brief, but so very cool. I certainly enjoyed the elephant parade.

I did also enjoy getting out of the cold, and heading back home to finally get to bed. :-)

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