Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My take home hibernation project!

Who writes about homework? Just me cuz we make it awesome! That's right...we had another take-home project, and it referenced the hibernation station chapter that we had been focusing on at school. We had to choose an animal that hibernates, and then make a diorama about it. My first diorama! Cool, right!? When I first proclaimed that I wanted to do one on the frog, Dad thought I was nuts...he didn't know that some frogs hibernate. Well, I taught him something that day! :-)
We decided to print out little frog bodies on green paper, which I cut out...
While I did that, Mom put brown tape on a shoe box to make it look more swampy.
Once I finished cutting out both frogs from their green paper...
...Dad helped me get some frog face stickers, and I added them on to the cut out frogs to give them a bit more personality.
Mom and I glued the frogs to the bottom of the "swamp" we had built, and we added some colored puff balls, because really...making regular looking rocks would have been dull. I'd rather my rocks look pretty, right? Don't you agree?
Dad and I added some grass (I later added a tree, not pictured, for no real reason other than to make it look more aesthetically pleasing) and Mom put some plastic wrap on there to simulate water (frogs hibernate under water) and voila! It was done! Pretty cool, huh? We all thought it came out pretty awesome!
I wrote on the bottom of the diorama: Frog By Sam...and Dad helped me write: "The frogs are happy because they are underwater hibernating in the forest." I dictated it, and Dad wrote it down just like I asked him to...

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